A Goodbye Too Soon

Little did I think, when I wrote about her in this post, that it would soon be time to bid her goodbye.

Tutu, our beloved dog, my parent’s dog, but that did not make her any less beloved for daughter and me, passed away yesterday. She hadn’t been well, she caught some infection, which apparently has been going around there. My parents tried everything they could. The poor thing had multiple injections every day, and yet nothing seemed to help. It was just her time, as my dad says.

I guess we were lucky to get a few years with her, but Daughter, is inconsolable. She is distraught, and very upset. I guess, it will take her time to understand and accept. And remember Tutu for wonderful doggy friend she was!

Rest in Peace, Tutu, we will always remember you. Your boundless energy, your excitement, your furious barking at strangers, and people on motorbikes, and of course, your smile.


As Daughter says, if only we could stroke her once, before she died, but since we can’t, we will be looking at her pictures, and remembering the fun times.


24 thoughts on “A Goodbye Too Soon

    • Thanks RM. It feels horrible, but there’s only so much we can do… Daughter is making a scrapbook with all the pics of Tutu, I think the thought of that has helped her feel better.

  1. Take care of your daughter, children tend to get more attached to pets. I got home a pet and due to some reasons had to give it back to some other owners, the sister that time hardly 6-7 was inconsolable for days. ..

  2. Big hugs to you and your daughter Smitha… I know how it is. It takes ages to overcome the grief of a loving faithful friend passing away. Our neighbours had a pet dog and when he passed, we couldnt eat for days.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes. Brought back memories. I guess you must be knowing about my Joji, if you read my blog.

    The saddest part about the difference between raising a kid and raising a pet is that after 15 years, while the kid turns into a teenager, moving to step into the world of adults, a dog enters old age, fades away and dies. 😐

  4. Hugs and thanks to all of you for the kind words. I haven’t had a chance to reply to all of you. Both daughter and I came down with a flu. Will be back as soon as I get back on my feet 🙂

  5. this post reminds me about Tootsie our neighbor’s dog who passed away couple of years ago.. It was very hard to explain to Adi at that time as she got used to call the neighbor as “Tootsie patti”.. We had to remind her many times not to call neighbor like that..

  6. Smitha very sad to know about Tutu’s passing away. I can relate to your grief, because our Labrador,dog, Elsa passed away two months back. My children and grand children were inconsolable. In her last days she used to look so helpless.May Tutu’s soul rest in peace.

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