Desi Genes

There does seem to be something about desi genes.

Daughter’s current school does not have many desi children. Her old school had much more. Here we only see a sprinkling of desis. But what has always struck me is that I always seem to spot them coming to school when I am on my way back after dropping daughter off .

Every single day, some people would be coming in last, and invariably they would be desis. I had been wondering if I was imagining it. Today, we got late. We missed the bus, called a taxi, which took the wrong road, the one that has loads of schools, so we crawled to school and reached 3 mins late. Now, I hate, hate being late. I have no problems being 15 mins early, but hate being late to school. As the taxi was nearing the lane on which the school is, I saw several folks, on their way to school, happily walking, no sense of urgency, given that they were still a few minutes away. I mean I would walk at that pace if I were well early. We got off the taxi, ran in, apologized to the teacher for being late, and I rushed out. As I walked back to the bus stand, I saw some more desis, pulling up in their cars. It would have easily been around 10 mins after the school start time.

I can’t really remember how it was at her old school. I know that we’ve been late a few times, but you would never see us be casual about it. But these people seem habitual offenders. And funnily, these habitual offenders do seem to be desis.

Makes me wonder why. Do we have a late gene in our desi genes? Come to think of it, even my driving instructor, who is desi, comes a few mins late. And my previous instructor, who was English, was always perfectly on time.

So what do you think? Have you guys come across this as well or is it just me?

25 thoughts on “Desi Genes

  1. That’s an interesting point you make there. But I’d have assumed that the desis abroad would stick to the time standards in that country. Of course I need not even begin on the “delight” of Indian Standard Time which is NEVER on time.

  2. Haa…so I was not the only one who seems to be noticing this trend eh? Not only many desi’s come late to school but, there was this desi in Sammy’s earlier school whose parents would come half an hour or maybe even an hour early to pick the boy from the middle of class because she had to go to the religious place/she had a lunch date/she wanted to go shopping etc. She used to laugh about how she made up excuses at the office like visiting a doctor and all that emergency things. Well to cut a long story short, the school issued a warning letter and specifically stated that she should make normal doctor appointments only after school hours. Well now if she wants to go somewhere she lets the boy bunk school 😦

    Goodness! How can people do this? I mean, do they really think that schools have no clue!

    The other thing most desis do here is pull the kid out of school weeks before the last day of summer vacation so that they can go to India and pay less on flight tickets. I think this works mostly in private schools as Sammy’s school has a strict policy against it πŸ˜›

    I’ve done that once as well, but that was before she started proper school -at the end of nursery, so I guess I can be forgiven. Yes, but that is very very common here. But they do allow it, if you have enough attendance other wise. Although some people do take a couple of weeks extra at Christmas time, and get the permission by citing ‘religious function in India’, apparently, that works 😦

  3. Hi Smitha,you are correct..It is mind set of people to reach late everywhere. They do not realise the importance of time.Perhaps the word punctuality is not in their dictionary.

  4. Me too like you hate being late anywhere…..but some people so proudly tell me being late makes them feel important or something in the lines of that they are busy……these are typically our desi friends…..I cannot really relate to people who don’t value the importance of being punctual……but sadly these days being late is in fashion……

    • I know! I’ve given up on people coming on time to parties and stuff, but at least for things like school, I would think that they would… But clearly not.

  5. oh yes.. I have noticed it too!! I hate going late as well!!
    But, most people here (desis) are always late by 10-15 mins!! 😐
    So, we have also started going a bit late nowadays whenever its to a gathering with Indians…

  6. Yes, there indeed are desi genes which not only make us genetically less punctual, but also we are a race of zero civic sense, littering around is our birthright, cribbing about the same dirty state of affairs is another. And there is a long list which can be associated with our genes and which I never realised until I went to recent trip with around 100 plus people, will be posting about it soon.

    Point is not being late, or any other thing…. it is the casualness associated with it.

    • Looking forward to reading about your trip. It sure sounds interesting πŸ™‚

      ‘Point is not being late, or any other thing…. it is the casualness associated with it.’ – Absolutely!

  7. I am exactly like you…I HATE HATE HATE being late…RD and I always end up having fights because he thinks its okay to reach just on time, while I want to be at least 10 minutes early. In Bombay, no one I know,, I swear no one I know understands the concept of being on time. be it schools, weddings, meetings, no just irritates me so so much!

    • Weddings and parties, are still fine, because I think it is still not as formal, but school? and meetings, that is just beyond me! And I also wonder, won’t their children pick up the same things? Wouldn’t they come to the conclusion that it is perfectly fine to not be punctual?

  8. At my daughter’s school (in Seattle) there are a few Asians – interestingly these are ones that are always on time, turn in their homework on the first day it’s due, finish all their daily aims…..typical Asian competitive gene can be seen! The ones that show up late (almost every day) and never turn in their homework (on time) are all non-Asians πŸ™‚

  9. Reaching late for anything at any place is something I don’t like. And since I’m always on time / before, lest some unavoidable conditions hampers, I expect the same from everyone else.

    You talking about schools? You know where it results later in life? In work life… in my office there are people who in spite of being aware in advance about a certain meeting come at least 10-15 mins and then give that “it’s okay, just 15 mins late” attitude which gets my goat!

  10. I completely agree with you. I can’t be late. I hate it. Even if it is to meet a friend for lunch I have to be there on time. I have noticed it too with the desis around here. There are a couple of desi kids at my son’s nursery and they are perpetually late and totally cool about it.

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