Utterly Random Updates

Just because I feel like it 🙂

-My reader is over flowing. I’ve come across so many new, interesting blogs, but it seems that you need time to read and comment everywhere. To add to it, I seem to use both Feedly and Google reader, and find myself all muddled up, not sure where I’ve commented, and where I’ve not. Sigh! Organized, I, so am not!

– I have loads of drafts, but don’t seem to get around to posting. Most likely because I’m playing Scrabble or Monopoly whenever I get the time! I’ve got to uninstall that Monopoly game from the phone. It is such an addictive game. In fact, I’m going to do it right now. Well, maybe after I play just one last game. And it goes on. And on. I don’t think that Monopoly is going away in a hurry. And when I do get back to those drafts, they would have been way past their ‘use by’ date.

– That yoga mat I bought must have disowned me by now. I seem to conveniently ignore it and spend the morning browsing instead of twisting myself into postures. Although I think I have been eating healthier. More salads and stuff, and I’ve been staying away from those cakes that call out to me from bakery windows. Thank god for small mercies.

– Last week was super exciting, we did day trips, walks to the park, soaked up the brilliant sunshine. I even did some weeding in the garden. By some, I mean, very little. It is a very tiring job.But I have to get the garden sorted before it is time to get those seedlings I have growing in my windowsill propagator, transplanted. So excited! About the seedlings, that is. Not so excited at all the weeding that awaits me:)

– I’ve been reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. And what a book it is. Review coming up in the book blog soon.

– You know that I’m having driving lessons. I’ve got a really nice, patient driving instructor. He’s perfect, but for one small thing. You know how some people you can’t go near because of body odour. Well, this guy is the opposite, he dunks himself in some sort of deodorant, so strong, that half the time I feel suffocated in the car. And it doesn’t help that more often than not, you have to keep the windows closed, thanks to good old British weather. To make things worse, that’s not the worst thing. What annoys me most is that I have that smell on me, in my clothes, my hair. Ugh! So much so that I’ve started having a shower after the lessons to get that smell/fragrance off me.

– Daughter is super engrossed in Harry Potter these days. She’s been re-reading the first three books until I managed to get her the fourth. And now, she’s lost in it.

So that’s it with my random updates, what’s been up with you guys?

PS: Does anybody else get annoyed with the American spell check on WordPress? It always highlights words like ‘colour’ and ‘neighbour’! How annoying is that!

23 thoughts on “Utterly Random Updates

  1. LOL on the feeder overflowing..to be honest I have stopped blog hopping now because I have so many on my reader that I just cant catch up!

    I know what you mean! But I can’t resist adding blogs I come across, and then never go back , because I just don’t seem to get the time 😦 And I am not even working like you guys!

    though there are some blogs I just read to get some knowledge, but hardly comment on!
    Same here.

    LOL on the driving lesson instructor hehehee 🙂 I am actually laughing just wondering how funny it would be every day!
    Not everyday! Just once a week, I have lessons just once a week, I would go crazy if I had sit through that every day! God!

    I dont get annoyed with the spell check, because I have learnt to ignore it..I write so much of a mixture in Hindi/ Gujju etc etc, that I just overlook the red lines 😉

    I ignore it too 🙂 But it kind of irritates me. Yours, must be a sea of read 🙂 With it going crazy with all the different words 🙂

  2. – Please share the links to those interesting blogs. I could do with reading some. 🙂
    – I can relate so well to the lack of time due to playing games. I am addicted to online Scrabble so badly these days, I spend all my free time on it. Oh, well, better than some other addiction, I guess!
    – Have heard a lot about The Help. Waiting to read your review.
    – LOL @ your problem with your driving instructor. Better than being stuck with the opposite – someone with body odour! 😀
    – The spell check annoys me to no end on MS Word, when I am writing an article for work. There should be an Indian spell check – now wouldn’t that be fun! 😀

    • Will do:)

      You play scrabble too? Me too. I love scrabble. But these days its monopoly that has me hooked:)

      Just finished reading it, and its great! Will review it soon.

      So I am not the only one who gets annoyed with spell checks:) There should be region based spell checks:)

  3. I know! It is so so annoying.
    And ya! Those deodorants suffocate me too. Our Computers lecturer in grad college was like that 😛
    And yay, am so excited about your new garden myself, so can as well imagine how you must be feeling 🙂

    • That must have been really annoying. At least for me its just once a week for some time.

      The garden has too many weeds. I spent a lot time today , clearing weeds and doing the flower beds. It still needs a lot of work. I guess a few hours every week will need to be set aside.

  4. The yoga mat disowned you or was it vice versa? 😛 😛

    Oh you mean you’d prefer someone with body odour? That too a driving instructor? Count your blessings he is using deodorant/perfume! Imagine being stuck in smelly car with a horrible smelling guy. 😛

  5. oh dear I have too many posts to read and every time I start from scratch thinking I will clear them and end up having 500 plus unread items, like you said it is difficult not to add them but at the same time it is difficult to catch up too.

    You are giving my ideas for playing game, I am known for my addiction to games 🙂

  6. My spell check has given up on me 🙄 and I royally ignore it when it suggests to remove “u” from words like colour, flavour etc….yup it’s so annoying.

    Btw I had read this post like 6 hours back, liked it and was about to put a comment double the size of your post…….that is when Tuhin decided to crawl into the bathroom and give his teddy a bath in the toilet 😥 So now I totally forgot what I wanted to write 6 hours ago.

  7. Hey Smitha

    Thats quite random . Nonetheless interesting updates and good to know that daughter is engrossed . I never played monopoly . Now that u say its addictive I wont do it. I happend to play angry birds and temple run ages back liek that 🙂
    good day

  8. I love random posts!! 🙂
    And half my blog posts are random! 😉
    Did you recommend Adriana Trigiani? Can’t seem to remember! 😦

  9. Had read this post the moment you had published but as I was in a hurry to catch my bus I couldn’t comment!!!
    The Help is one awesome book!! I loved it!!
    Too much perfume ha ha ha ha……extreme of another kind!!! But I also need to learn driving! High time I did it!!
    Loved this randomly random post!!!

  10. LOL at your “one last game and then I’ll install”.. these are Chirpy’s words these for everything that is restricted more than one 🙂

    Same Pinch on the yoga mat 😦 In fact I had completely forgotten about it, you reminded me!

    Is ‘The Help’ that book on which a movie has been made ? I liked the movie…

    From driving it reminds me that I’ve started driving again, its been 2-3 months now…post delivery I had developed a typical fear of ‘I forgot to drive’ nonsense 😛 whereas before delivery I drove till my 7th month 🙂 But I’m back in business and it feels great to be on my own, once again 🙂 Going to work now has become interesting !

    I so so liked Poohi’s pic on reading HP… I really feel so proud about her! On this side, Chirpy does love books, has a lot of them now and she herself wants to read but in general her attitude, as on today, doesn’t seem like she’ll be a die hard book lover… though she’ll not be an anti-book…but I think it is too soon to predict, let’s hope for the best 🙂

    P.S. all your posts make me write so much in comment form, you write so well, people connect to it so easily 🙂

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