What Next?

Asks my brain. I’ve just managed to complete the only blog challenge I have ever undertaken, successfully. Actually, no, I did do the review challenge last year, but that wasn’t a post-everyday challenge.

NaBloPoMos have always been incomplete for me. For some reason, this Photo A Day Challenge worked for me. I posted on the days, without any failure, and did it till the very end.

And now I’m tempted to take up the June Photo A Day as well. Tell me, any of you feeling the same way? Do I have company? I haven’t yet decided, but if a lot of us are doing the same challenge it does get fun:) Or, may be I could just pick up the ones I like and do it, without linking it to the challenge?

20 thoughts on “What Next?

    • I’ve decided not to as well. Have too many things to post about. And I also need to compress my existing photographs to make more space. Am also wondering if I should migrate all my travel posts into my travel blog, to make more space. Lets see.

  1. Hi Smitha,

    I follow your blog regularly and I always drive pleasure from it. I was very impressed by your photo a day challenge! So much so that I’ve decided to take it up! ! I’m a very lazy Blogger, so here’s to hoping that I follow through! And thank you for your blog. It’s been a pleasure! !

    Incase you want to check out my blog. Here it is:

  2. Oh I have this huge sense of accomplishment too after finishing off this challenge successfully! Feels great, doesnt it? Nablopomo was so stressful to me, but this one was so much fun and exciting! Loved doing this one!

    Much as I am tempted to take up the Jun challenge, Smits, I think I will give it a skip. Have too many things lined up in my plate 😦

    • I am 94% full at the moment. I’m wondering if I should delete all the reviews I have imported to the book blog. And maybe move the travelogues to the travel blog and then I might free up some space.. just too much to do 🙂

  3. Always tempted but don’t think I would. Have been deteriorating in terms of frequency of blog posts or even commenting on those I follow. This would be too much of a commitment that I can’t think of right now. Though I sure do follow your blog. Thanks to my blog reader :). Will try comment more often. No promises though 😉

  4. Jeez I didnt realise blogs will have space issues…I thought it was like an akshaya patram with never ending space…*goes to see where to check for space on wordpress*

    • LOL! I thought that too, until I started seeing warnings that I had used up 97% of my apace. I went and did some clean up. Deleted some unattached pics.. Now I have to compress them. Just not getting the time to sit down and get it done.

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