You Only Live Once

‘Why do you have to do this?’ asked her mother’s imaginary voice,’You know what your jatakam says! You are behaving like a teenager!’

‘She’s right, you know. Why tempt fate?’asked her own inner voice.

‘I need a mute button in my head’, she thought as took off her robe, unshackling herself from self doubt and years of living by the rules. ‘I might be sixty, but I can’t be sixty-one without learning to do this.’. And entered the swimming pool, for the very first time in her sixty years of life.

Write Tribe Prompt

*jatakam – Horoscope

32 thoughts on “You Only Live Once

  1. There are few things like this in everyone’s life. We keep thinking “all in good time”. Not all are lucky to actually be able to do them. Age is never a restriction for anything. Lovely. 🙂

    • Welcome here, Jyothi. And you are so right! All of us have things like this, which we have put away for various reasons and age certainly is no reason to not try something new.

  2. LOVED it! I am so glad for her! 🙂

    So, you’re trying your hands at fiction, eh? Great! Looking forward to more from you.

    I guess I will be 60 too when I finally learn swimming and driving. 😐

  3. Lovely one this is and all the more inspiring for me as I am planning to learn swimming as soon as we move to our place 🙂

    • I learnt it, and then did not swim for a bit, went back to swimming for a bit, and now worry if I ever can. I should try again. Sometime soon.

  4. this is how I felt when I started to learn swimming at 30.. the fact that I am still a beginner is to be ignored 🙂

    how true? you live only once so why complicate is what I ask myself very often when it comes to relationships..

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