Ready, Set, Go! Fingers crossed, it works! That’s me, all set to try my new handblender.

I wish it were as simple as it sounds, but nothing ever is, is it?

One of the side effects of relocating, settling in, and then re-relocating is that half your possesions seem to be in transit, permanently. I’ve got one stand mixer with food processor, one mixer grinder and one wet grinder coming in my shipment. So understandably, I was not too keen on buying another kitchen appliance, but. There’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there? I needed something to puree stuff and the like, so decided to buy a basic, really basic hand blender, to make do, until I get my stuff. So I went and picked up something for Β£6.50. Then we went to another shop(we did a LOT of shopping), saw something similar for 4.50. Had to buy that! It was 2 pounds cheaper! So I had this other blender to return which decided to do that another day.

On opening the pack, realized that it was one unit. The blade unit could not be detached so washing it would be one big hassle. Why on earth, would they manufacture something like this? Its plain ridiculous! That had to go back. So now, I have two blenders to return, and a new one to buy.

The next weekend, we went about returning blenders and buying a new one. A more expensive one this time, the cheapest clearly had issues.

All was fine, it looked perfect, had a bunch of attachments(which I didn’t really need, but were nice to have), and I looked all set. So I attached the chopper, just to test it out, and tried unattaching it. It refused to budge. It was stuck, and refused to move. I got a little worried, so decided to leave it until husband gets home, and have him have a go as well.

The next weekend, when he got home, he got to have a try, but no luck. So we had no option but to take it back to the store, where the manager looked at us rather suspiciously,thinking, I’m sure ‘who are these people who can’t make a blender work?’ but returned it anyway. Thank god for that! It would have been 30 pounds down the drain otherwise!

So I had another blender to buy. This time, I did research, loads of research, read through every review available on the net and finally picked up this one on Amazon. The first thing I checked that all the parts fit and come apart. Fingers crossed, it will work. You guys wish me too, ok? And it works, I promise you a delicious smoothie when you come visiting πŸ™‚

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.

17 thoughts on “Go

  1. Hahah… talk about how complicated can one single purchase become!!

    Reminds me of the time I got a blender and got home to realise that the egg-beater blades were missing. Because we were so busy with shifting and unpacking, it didn’t come to our notice till a month later. But fortunately the shop owners were kind enough to procure it for us in spite of us going after nearly a month of the purchase! πŸ™‚

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