This has to be the toughest prompt so far.I’m sure I will have PJ pics, but I’m not too keen on having to dig them out at the moment. Nor do I particularly want to put up my pics in PJs.

Yesterday, I had this plan of going to some shop and clicking a row of PJs on display. But lost my nerve. I had clicked pictures of furniture in India, to send husband to show him the ones I liked, while we had been doing up the flat in Bangalore, and had been told off by the salespeople. Here, getting caught clicking PJs might make me sound like some perv. I’m not sure explaining about May Photo A Day would quite cut the ice.

I wish I were in India, it would have been not so difficult catching aunties in their nighties, walking about, in broad daylight. There are people who land up in their PJs on the school run here too but are better camouflaged. A friend of mine used to extoll the virtues of boots and a long coat. Apparently once you fling a long coat and boots on yourself, you can wear what you want underneath and nobody would ever know. Apparently she went on the school run in her PJs regularly. I wish I could catch someone like her on the school run today….

That was wishful thinking. Most of mums I see are immaculately turned out. Just my luck. So I have no option but to put this up.


These are harem pants. I had picked them up from an export surplus shop in Bangalore. On a lark, and loved them! Of course, can’t be seen in public in them unless I got myself some slim hips and a super nice, slim waist but are they comfortable! Just perfect! Just perfect as pajamas!

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.

17 thoughts on “PJ

  1. Hain you are scared to click pics of window displays? Is there a rule against it? One of my favorite time pass is to click window displays and this prompt reminds me that I have some pics of sexy stockings 😛

  2. I love Harem Pants!!!

    You reminded me of what my Mom used to do in Gorakhpur. The winters were hars there and there were days when she would wear a petticoat & woolen blouse over her gown and then drape a saree on top of it!!! 😀

  3. Harem pants being passed off as pyjamas??? 😛

    Like Saks, I’ve never had a harem pant myself. Need to get one, thanks to your reminding! 😀

  4. I am sure you would look lovely in harem pants! 🙂

    LOL @ the shady part. I love clicking pictures of displays in shops and all, as must be quite obvious from my blog. OK, maybe not inside shops, but window displays and outside shops and in markets. I am scared of being told off, too. Sometimes, the displays are too lovely not to take a chance, though. I have resorted to asking for the shopkeeper’s permission these days before clicking a picture of his/her shop. It is much better that way, and sometimes I even get rewarded with the shopkeeper and/or his staff posing beautifully for my camera. 🙂

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