My Favorite View

This one had me racking my brain. What exactly would figure as my favorite view? So many to choose from.

Some from holiday destinations, sunsets in Oia, the view of the Grand Canyon, the gorgeous seaside views n Goa.. but which one could count as my favorite?

When I think of my favorite views the ones that spring to mind are the ones from our homes. One of the wonderful views that I will always cherish is the view from our flat when we had first got possession of the flat. It was gorgeous, green all around, we were in the middle of nowhere. Those days, that area was undeveloped, and frankly, just lovely. I wish I could say the same now. Now, its just flats everywhere, and the only time you get a lovely view is early in the mornings, when the sunrise makes it all just gorgeous.

The one thing I have loved in our UK homes has been the greenery around. Glancing outside the windows, I could always get to see greenery, even in the winter months. I missed that in the flat in Bangalore, but tried to make for that with plants in the balcony.

Back here, I can’t complain. Not when I get to see this everyday.


Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.


20 thoughts on “My Favorite View

  1. Every day? EVERY DAY? You have a slice of paradise. I do so envy you.
    LIke I mentioned on Shail’s post… nature soothes like nothing else can. Excites too. Overwhelms. As this beautiful scene does. Thank you. I’m going to carry this around for a long time, till it rains, and brings this sort of freshness all around here. šŸ™‚

    • Yes, so many places in this country have that feeling, Uma. Once we lived in a place which had a little wooded area around it, and it was full of places where you could have Enid Blyton style picnics:) And blackberries grew in the wild. I should dig up those pics.

  2. Theres something simply amazing and refreshing about greenery isnt it! I love it to the core! And you’re so lucky to living in such a green surrounding Smits! Make the most of it! šŸ™‚

    • I know, Deeps! I was hoping that we do get a place nice. But the garden was a huge bonus! I just have to maintain it, it is a high maintenance garden.

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