Wants and Needs.. are always part of our existence, and funnily so often they, change, interchange, or reverse themselves in priority.

In Bangalore, all I wanted was some rain, while here, all I want is some sunshine! I would have loved to take a picture of sunny day, if only we got one!

All that Daughter wants at the moment is the next book in the Harry Potter series.

She’s completed the first and second book, and desperately, desperately wants the third. I’m torn, because I’m not sure if its a good idea. I’m worried, but husband thinks its fine for her to read. We’re toying with the idea of getting her the third book and letting her read if she is comfortable. She could stop if it gets too scary for her, I suppose?

So what I really want is some advice. What do you think? Should we go ahead and let her read and let her decide for herself?

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19 thoughts on “Want

  1. My boy too read the first two books when he was around 6 and like you I was a bit hesitant about letting him read further. After a year or so, that boy of mine went to the school library and read the 3rd and 4th book over a period of 2 months as they get half an hour of library time twice a week. He then tells me that I was worrying unnecessarily and he wasn’t scared at all …sigh!

  2. Havent read any of Harry Potter books, so cant help you here, Smits..sorry!

    Pass on tight hugs to the darling for finishing the two parts so fast! Wonderful!

  3. I also havent read Harry Poter..but i m super impressed that she read two books in two days…she is totally on you 🙂

  4. Harry Potter has cast a spell on all children!! I have seen my children as well as grand children waiting enthusiastially for the next edition after finishing the first one. There is no stopping them. It is better to buy one and win his love and confidence!!

  5. The thing is she’s already into the stories, and I’m sure, with both of you just as involved with her reading, she will use her discretion to read more or not. I would definitely suggest that you allow her to read. 🙂
    As AD has said, kids find ways to read, know, learn, especially if we, as anxious parents, decide to decide for them 🙂 I think Poohi is ready. She’s a voracious reader who will not stop, no matter what, and will feel the lack of such nourishment, if indeed you decide not to.
    Let her 🙂
    And please tell her I’m awed by her. 🙂

    • I’m going to get it for her. I’m convinced that she will be able to either read it or stop reading and will let us know if she is uncomfortable.

      🙂 I will let her know 🙂

  6. I saw this post over the weekend and I quickly scanned through the book 3. I think you can give it to her..may be she will not enjoy the nuances of the book (I understood a lot only after I read it for the 3rd time!) but at least she will enjoy the progress in the story..

    I know I know the last post I said dont give her beyond book 2, but honestly I know how horrible it feels when you really WANT to know what happened and you dont get to know it in a book eh?

    • I think that too, RM, she may not understand everything, but she rereads anyway, so I guess she will be fine. Couldn’t find it in the library today, guess I will have to place an order for it, but that’s alright:)

  7. Mine read the series at age 7. The last 3 books she hid under the table and read them. It took her 2 months to finish the entire series.

    🙂 It is tough to not read them, isn’t it? Once you’ve started.

    I would say let her read. The 3rd one isn’t that bad. It’s the later ones that are scary. I don’t think it’s fair to ask her to start with the books and not give the rest. I know I would be very upset if my mom did that.

    I know. I would too! I’m getting it for her.

    Btw this dilemma of whether to censorship books doesn’t get easier. My 14 year reads a ton of YA adults(I banned Twilight). She has read really strong graphics books for Literature class. One needs to just have a open dialogue and talk with the kids I guess.(and drink wine at night)

    Drinking wine at night certainly looks like a possibility 🙂

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