Mail Box

Normally, I schedule my posts a day in advance. To ensure that I don’t miss posting. For today’s theme, I had planned to take a picture of the Royal Mail boxes. The red ones which are so commonly found here, and well used, too, to be honest. I was surprised to find how reliable they are when we first came here. Such a contrast to what we had been used to, in India.

Anyway, that didn’t happen, because I completely forgot to take a picture. So I planned to take a picture after dropping off daughter at school, but I read Smita’s and Shilpa’s post, and decided not to do a copycat šŸ™‚ Before I forget. I’m not commenting until I get broadband sorted. I’m close to maxing out my phone’s limit, and I’m hoping that careful rationing might make it last until I get broadband. Fingers crossed.

So coming back to mailboxes, I had to post this. My mail box, with all the junk mail that comes through it. Someone seems to know my fitness situation because I seem to be getting a lot of fliers for discounted rates at gyms šŸ™‚


Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.

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