Doesn’t this look like a thousand stars bursting out ? Some how that is always the feeling when I see fireworks of this sort. Even better are the rockets that burst into stars in the sky, although I am not too fond of the noise that accompanies it:)

This was captured during Vishu last month. It was the first time I was in Kerala during Vishu, and have to say, it was wonderful. As it always is, getting to spend festivals with family. And this is what I will miss the most here, being so far away from my parents…

Of course, there are other ways of seeing stars. Like the way I did once, when I walked into the French windows in our place in Bangalore. I truly saw stars that day, and also felt rather foolish. But what do I do, they were that clean that I completely missed them:)

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.


11 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Beautifully captured, they do look like a thousand stars bursting πŸ™‚

    I can understand how much you must be missing your parents and the festive spirit back home, Smits.. Hugs!

  2. Lolz.. you walked into glass window.. sorry but that’s funny. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly. Lovely picture. Fireworks are so festive, aren’t they?

  3. Beautiful pic! I love seeing fireworks, too, but I am not too fond of the different kinds of pollution that they create.

    I would love to be in Kerala during Vishu some day. I am sure it would have been lovely! πŸ™‚

    LOL @ seeing stars on walking into French windows.

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