Temptation comes in all sorts of shapes…


How can one resist?

For the longest time, I have avoided baklava. Its never been my taste. I did try and liked some in Greece, but it wasn’t my taste in sweets.

Or so I thought, until husband picked up this giant box of baklava from Costco. One taste and I was hooked. It was just delicious. Flaky, delicious pastry, sandwiching tiny pieces of nuts, with a drizzle of honey, from what I could figure out. They simply melt in the mouth, while your fingers reach for the next one:) And not terribly sweet either. In other words, perfection. As far as I don’t look at the weighing scales, that is 🙂

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.

25 thoughts on “Shape

  1. I have not really seen it in India.. but hv tasted it the day I landed in london….so famed is my sweet-tooth that my cousin welcomed me with this 😀

    • No, I never liked the ones we get here either. They are always too sweet for me. Husband loves them. This time he didn’t like them much, guess it wasn’t sweet enough for him:)

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