22 thoughts on “Something beginning with F

  1. so pretty 🙂 Btw I am loving how you are getting to post through your mobile. Gives immense relief to see people like you making errors as I was starting to get this weird feeling that all the Grammar Nazi’s were after my butt for the questionable english I write 😥

    • Saksh, I’m innocent I’m innocent, my loridini! I had no idea Smits was going to post a Flower pic too! Please dont change my seating…I want to sit with Smits in the same bench , I wont copy, God-pomish 😛

  2. Are these tulips? Daffodils are sort of golden/yellow, aren’t they? That thought is so ingrained in my head, and Wordsworth’s entire poem 🙂
    The colour of those flowers is such a vibrant, joyful and energizing tangible thing 🙂 Lovely!

      • Please do. Ever since ‘Daffodils’, they are a sort of favourite, though I have yet to see the real thing 🙂 The line from Wordsworth:
        ‘When all at once I saw a crowd
        A host of golden daffodils
        Fluttering and dancing in the breeze…

        Tossing their heads in sprightly dance’

        Such vivid images 🙂

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