I had forgotten about the amount of flyers, newsletters and adverts that come in through the post in this place. There have been times, I wished they would just pop it all in the recycling box instead of into my post box.

Of course, there have been times they have come in handy too, like the other day when I was looking for a gardener to come in and do my garden. Or as reading material when I run out of books to read:) At other times, they are just more paper for recycling.

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.


10 thoughts on “Paper

  1. And I have joined too!
    As for those flyers and adverts that keep getting pushed from under the door…I find them to be such an unnecessary task to pick up and keep aside!

  2. I hate the flyers, especially when they are a part of the newspaper!!! They come in the way when u r attmepting to read the paper. They become all the more irritating when they fall out of the newspaper!!!!

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