I Bought this!

Because, as you can see, I am no good at resisting temptations:) Just as I gave into the temptation of joining the May Photo a Day.


What can I say, I must be mad!


24 thoughts on “I Bought this!

  1. LUSH!!! LUSH!!! Oh finally you and me seem to have at least one thing in common 😛 I use only their shampoo and soap.

    So you too took up the challenge? How I wish I could sneak in all those 1000 plus pics on my hard drive on to my blog…sigh! but the lazy me is winning over every other reason and inspirations!! 😥

  2. I love products from LUSH!! One of the best products to pamper yourself and induce that feel-good factor in your life. 🙂

    Not sure if you get them in the UK, but you should try out LUSH’s Karma soap, their lemon-scented massage bar (I forgot the name). They’re gorgeous!!

    PS: I like this photo challenge. 🙂

    • It is available here! I saw it, but decided on Sultana of Soaps instead. Or rather daughter made the choice for me. Its just amazing, isn’t it?

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