Little things..

..that make a world of difference to me these days..

– over hearing daughter’s friend saying,’ your mom’s really nice’ and daughter agreeing,’ Yes, she is, she’s the loveliest mum!’. That just made my day.

– help pouring in when I need it the most. In the form of play dates for daughter, getting people who might be interested in buying my furniture. Even forwarding an email, makes so much of a difference. Meena, you are one of those angels:)

– friends travelling from the other side of town, just to meet us, some with their tiny babies.. Makes me feel so blessed.

– getting free books at Landmark:) We got so many three for two deals, that we hauled back far more books than we had thought possible. Of course it threw all my planning out of the door, but books are certainly worth the trouble, no?

– seeing furniture go. The first time it happened, it broke my heart. The next time onwards, my heart shouted out in glee. One more gone! One less to worry about.

– losing and finding things. If I had a penny for all the things I lost and found in the last few days… Finding them again is so delightful!

– Rain! Never thought I’d say this, and will probably nor say it again until we get back to India again, but right now, rain makes me want to go dance in it:)

– family, friends, neighbors checking on you. Especially friends and neighbors, people who I have known for less than a year, but yet have grown close to. The one big advantage of frequent moves, has to be, getting to meet so many new people.

As I type this, I realize that I am indeed blessed. Most difficult things in life, do come with a silver lining.

14 thoughts on “Little things..

  1. Glad to hear you’re on top of things.. moving can be SUCH a pain. You really have a knack for findinf that silver lining. The first one took the cake, though.

  2. sweet thoughts indeed..the way my kid waits for me and wants to spend some time with me,..just elates me more than anything else…
    “amma come” from a 3 year old is all that i want to hear to feel blessed!

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