Undoing your home

Or packing up, selling off, giving away..Its not easy, to say the least.

While leaving Leeds, while we did feel emotional leaving friends, the home itself, we did not have as much attachment to. While it was home for us for over two years, it felt quite alright to leave it and move on. Of course the prospect of coming to Bangalore and making a home in the place we had dreamt about for the last 8 years helped. A lot.

So as I was saying, emotionally, it was not so wrenching. Doing the same here, in Bangalore, has been literally, undoing my heart. The home that I set up, one little(and some big) thing at a time, is now being taken apart, one thing at a time.. And it’s heartbreaking. To say the least. Even worse is the whole selling process, but that requires a post of its own.

Selling off things, taking down things, packing away things into boxes, suitcases.. Putting things back into their boxes. Packing away old dreams, getting ready for a new life. A new life together.

That’s the only thing that keeps me going. That we are all going to be back together, the only thing that really matters. Houses can be set up again, but home is definitely where the heart is.

And if I ever have a doubt, I just have to look at daughter. She is so super excited. To be back with Daddy, of course, and also excited about not going back to this school. When we left her school in the UK, both of us were teary-eyed. Hugging the teachers and her friends, we had felt a little bereft. Here, on the other hand, she was excited about it being her last day… While she was not unhappy here, I think she never felt as loved and nurtured as she felt in her school in the UK. And when I see her excitement, it makes me happy that we took this decision.

18 thoughts on “Undoing your home

  1. Sigh!! sepcially afterr the effort you had put in. I can understand how you must be feeling!!!

    But all is well that ends well, if your daughter is happy so will you be 🙂

  2. I agree it’s all about being together as a family, kahi bhi ho. It must be a difficult period but I m very sure as soon as all of you are together, you won’t worry about this as much.

  3. Sigh! Relocating can be tough. I totally understand how you would be feeling at the moment. However, I am happy that you are going back to a much-loved place, and that all of you will be together again. 🙂 Hugs!

  4. Just some lessons you needed to learn along the way I guess. I cannot think of any other reason. And like you said, the little one is excited and happy, and all of you are gonna be together. Can’t think of better reasons than that 🙂

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