Just to make note of a milestone..

.. daughter’s very first exam!

She did take a ballet exam last year, but this would be her first academic exam. And I am the only one worried about it, it’s just another day for her!

She woke up at 5:30 this morning, and says,’I can’t wait to get to school today!,’ my ears couldn’t believe it! Really? That excited about exams? But then she went on to say, ‘I can’t wait to wish S on his birthday!’. It’s her friend S’s birthday, and clearly birthday are far far more important than exams 🙂

If she remains this cool about exams, I would certainly be the happiest mum!

10 thoughts on “Just to make note of a milestone..

  1. I used to love exams in school. Yes, you may hate me. I loved giving exams as I used to find it as fun as playing a quiz game of which you already knew the answers but just had to think a little.

    It was the day of the results that I did not like. The way friends suddenly act weird. Their parents act weird. How suddenly teachers change their favourite students. I hated that my mother asked me where I lost those marks. That day always gave me a sick stomach!

    Poohi is a lovely child. You think with her love for books she would not have read the study books? But please watch out for result days. They are quite horrid for anybody.

  2. Adi had test last week and the note we got home from school is to have a good sleep and good breakfast. this girl also followed it to the T. she didn’t get any sheets for review and when I asked her if she is ready for the test she said “amma I should take good rest to be attentive during the test” and that’s all she did.. End of the week she said “I wish I have test every week. It was so relaxing” 🙂

  3. what junior reckons is the best part about exams is that atleast now he won’t have to write questions… they will be written… he just has to write answers !

    so much for writing love ! 😐

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