Cut Like Wound by Anita Nair

I’ve always liked Anita Nair’s writings, and this book that has been on my wishlist for a while. I knew I just had to read it when I saw Wanderlustathome rate it highly on Goodreads.


A young male prostitute is found murdered and burnt in one of the many alleys in Shivajinagar in Bangalore. The case lands on the desk of Inspector Gowda and his new subordinate, SI Santhosh. Gowda is distracted, with personal issues crowding him. Not the most social person even normally, Santhosh finds him even more grouchy and grumpy than he expected. As they start investigating, they realize the case is more complex than they thought initially, it has all the indications of being a serial murder. The only clue they have is the modus operandi and a solitary pearl earring that they found on one of the victims. They have to use all their investigative skills and intuition to solve the case, while fighting bureaucratic bosses along with clever criminals.

A page turner, it is a wonderful book. I especially like the flavour of Bangalore that comes through so strongly in the book. It was like Bangalore was another character in the book, genteel and sophisticated at times, seedy and shady at others. Anita Nair’s writing reminds me of Elizabeth George’s crime books. Complex crimes, beautifully interwoven snippets of local life, and complex characters, interesting, and different practices, it was a very interesting book to read. I had an inkling of who the murderer might be, and yet the ending was very impressive. A book that I enjoyed till the last page.

Since this book ‘introduced’ Inspector Gowda, I, for one, am looking forward to more of Inspector Gowda thrillers from the author.

I would definitely recommend this book.

16 thoughts on “Cut Like Wound by Anita Nair

  1. You are absolutely spot on,
    “It was like Bangalore was another character in the book, genteel and sophisticated at times, seedy and shady at others.”

    yes, me too looking forward to the next Inspector Gowda one 🙂

  2. I hv heard that this boook is semi-fictional. The inspector in the book is modeled after a inspector frnd of hers n tht their regular meet up haunt was koshys near MG Road! Should pick this up now…

  3. Writer Chinua Achebe passed away. Just got to know. Never read anything by him, but have heard a lot about his books. Feeling strangely bereaved. 😦

    Have you had a chance to read anything by him?

      • How did you find Murakami? I read a book by him once, but didn’t understand anything in it. Finished reading it entirely, though, but didn’t feel like I read a book. And that was a long time ago.

        I am also currently reading Murakami – a book of short stories by him.

  4. I have been a lurker on your blog for a while now, but picked up this book basis the review and really liked it. Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation!

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