When Good Quality Education Remains a Pipedream

Amidst all sorts of dismal news, this story was such a heart warming read. Little Lakshmi, all of nine years, ran away from home in November, in an effort to study in an ‘English School’.

Luckily for her, it all ended well. She finally got admission in a reputed International School in Bangalore under the RTE act. Which is, of course, wonderful. Of course, she has to travel a long distance, and everything might not be all rosy, but she’s got a chance that she so desperately wanted. And hopefully, this chance will make a huge difference in her life. And seeing her grit, she probably will grab this chance and really soar high.

Having said that, I can’t help wonder if it would have been the case had this case not got media attention. Also, why is the RTE so dependent on private schools? I am all for private schools chipping in, but ‘chipping in’ must be what it is. I can’t help wonder why we can’t have good government schools, so that no child needs to run away, or travel ridiculous distances to reach school. If Lakshmi had a good government school near by, I am sure she wouldn’t have felt the need to run away to a ‘good’ school.

Also, Lakshmi is one among many who yearn for a better education. She was lucky, or more accurately, she tried really hard to change her luck, and succeeded. Many might not, many might not be in a position to, many might not even know that they have the right to something better. And even private schools will have only a certain amount of seats reserved for RTE students. This whole dependency on the private schools would disappear if the government schools are ramped up and made just as lucrative. It makes me wonder why the government seems to be least interested in doing things which will actually make a difference in the long term. That’s it, isn’t it? ‘Long Term’. Why would they be interested in long term benefits when all that matters to them is the shortest of short term ones – the next elections!

All I can really hope for is that good quality education becomes a reality for everyone, and nobody needs to resort to desperate measures to gain access to it.

9 thoughts on “When Good Quality Education Remains a Pipedream

  1. I agree. And if genuine efforts are made, government run schools can run well too. Can’t help thinking of all those other children whose parents spend all they earn on their schooling… but the schools they find are just not good enough.

    • Exactly! Because sadly, good education is not guaranteed, even if you spend loads, and get into a reputed schools. So many factors come into play. This is one area, the government could make a difference, if they want to. But that is the problem, isn’t it? A lot of measures are really just tokenisms..

  2. What a delightful story!
    But then, as you say, there would be many like Lakshmi who crave for good education, but sadly, do not find it. Either they have to be satisfied with no education or an education only in housework or low-quality education.

    • True. And sometimes I also feel, education needs to beyond degrees. It needs to be about skills as well. Some even if they are educated, say, up to a degree level, might still find it difficult to get a job, for instance… That I guess can be the subject of another blog post.

  3. I am in a totally opposite mode, and facing students who unlike Lakshmi, despite having opportunities and all the amenities do not make use of it. They wan everything to be served on a platter and do not want to make even a single effort. The chalta hai and casual attitude is killing the nation.

  4. The problem of this nation is that the moment you attach ‘govt’ to something, it is doomed. It can be roads, hospitals, schools, anything. There is so much that can be improved.

    • That, unfortunately, is so true. I only wish it weren’t! And to be honest, in the education sector, even the private sector isn’t the greatest, but definitely much better than the govt sector.

  5. Amen to the last line…
    And you have rightly identified the problem…It’s because it is a “Long term”….
    Thanks for sharing the heartwarming story of Lakshmi 🙂

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