Weight loss woes

I’ve been lugging around extra kilos for a few months now. Just because I’ve been lazy, extremely.

A few weeks back, I got all inspired and worked out for a few days, and felt very virtuous. And also felt trim. How nice that feels. And then it all went downhill again. A mix of things. Maids coming at all sorts of times, house hunting, house letting, unnecessary baking..you name it, I have that excuse. Not only did I do no exercise, I also ate really badly. Things that I have no business eating, like nutella buttercream frosting.

So after all that binging and not doing anything, I decided to take a stance. To start exercising again. Easier said than done. Couple of days back, I did a few basic exercises(less than 10 minutes), when the phone rang and I forgot all about exercising. I had no option, the phone call had been about removals quotes- which deserve a post for itself. Who would’ve thought that shipping things from India would be so much more expensive than to India!

Yesterday, the whole day went off before I knew it, and at 8 in the night, I decided to get some exercise. I had only started, when the phone rang – again,and that was it! I think phonecalls are easily becoming the biggest reason for my zero weight loss. In a couple of days time, daughter will have half day school – exams, and then everything will only go further down hill.

What do you say? Should I just give it up and wait till we get to the UK, settle down and then worry about silly things like weight loss? Might as well use this time to read as many books I can, and make the most of that annual subscription which I would be leaving midway, don’t you think?


39 thoughts on “Weight loss woes

  1. First off, you look fine. Honestly. You don’t LOOK overweight. 🙂

    Secondly, you are BUSY – you are managing a kid and a house single-handedly, and it is soon going to be exam time. You are soon going to shift houses, shift to a different country altogether, in fact – that too single-handedly, mostly. Of course, there are loads of things to do, and no time to take care of yourself. It happens.

    I would suggest that you worry about weight loss once you have shifted and settled down a bit. Till then, there are loads of things that demand your time and attention here. 🙂 You could try to eat healthy till then and exercise or walk whenever possible, no?

  2. See do things that you can manage. Eat every two hours and eat things that are right!!! Easy to say than to do? Nah!! I always felt that ways and still managed to control food!!! SO try that my girl! It is possible. To postpone it when till going to UK is the easiest thing!! Once u reach there u will say first let me settle down then I will begin!!!

    So start NOW!!!!

  3. If you can exercise now, in all this chaos, you can exercise anytime and anywhere. You will postpone now for the reasons said above, you’ll land in UK and postpone for a few other reasons.

    I say squeeze it in. As soon as you wake up instead of during the day when you might get disturbed. Don’t eat after 7.30 in the night. Drink green tea. Turn the volume really loud, grab the daughter and dance.

    If there are 101 reasons to avoid, there are 102 reasons to do it. The whole shifting business itself is going to be so demanding that you need to be in good health to do it, feel energetic and positive.

    The rest is up to you darling 🙂

    • Am I allowed to copy paste the same things. I want I say the same word by word. Take out time not for reducing weight but staying healthy, n building strength which u r going to need NOW.

  4. Don’t stress about weightloss. With the amount of stuff going on in your life I’d say eat very very carefully and try to squeeze in a walk. You can leave the hardcore stuff till you get back and settle down. A status quo on weight for now should be good enough.

  5. Hey Smitha, i have been lurking around for some time…But this post of yours made de-lurk…
    I can relate to this as I am pretty much in similar situation (with a lot more weight than i should have) hence i am in no situation to give advice. But i would say that eating right does makes sense.
    All the best….

    • Welcome here and glad you decided to delurk:) Yes, eating right does make the most sense. I do walk. But am not regular these days with everything that’s been going on.

  6. Smitha weight loss can wait but not the food you get in banglore, the same thing you won’t get in London. I wanted to eat Indian biryani and chats but i don’t get the same taste here…i miss Indian street food.. Eat what ever you want . Just go for a walk in the evening with daughter with no cell phone….that will be fine…

    • Cell phone, I can’t leave – coz there are so many things happening … I walk after daughter goes to school – a 20 minutes walk, and then I try to climb at least 4 flights of stairs.. But it doesn’t feel enough.

  7. I agree with what quite a few of the commenters already said. Don’t put it off. Try to squeeze 15 minutes out of your busy time (first thing in the morning is ideal). That gives you energy to face the day. The first couple of days might not be easy but once its fit into routine, it just becomes, well routine. I would also say enjoy the Indian food that you may not get here and since you do some exercise, the guilt won’t be on your mind :). Good luck (and now I need to squeeze those 15 minutes into my schedule!!).

  8. err… ! Do I advice ?! or do I preach !?

    I jog 5 days a week in the morning !

    and you are an early riser… you should try going for an early morning jog run and soak in the fresh air in the morning ! 😀 Its bliss I tell you 😀 Eventually… just don’t fret about its regularity or schedule.. whenever you get time… sweat it out !!! My suggestion is don’t ever tell yourself its ok I will do it after a month ! 😛 It never works that way ! 😛

  9. You yourself have said ‘silly issues like weight gain’ then why worry?
    Settle down first in new place and then think about such low priority tasks ,ok?Take Care.

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