Because I have too much to say..

.. I post when I can ill afford to. And then check the comments and can’t resist responding to them. Before I know it, the day’s gone and nothing has actually got done.

What do I do, sometimes there is just so much for me to say. Husband says I always have too much to say, but let’s forget that for a moment, shall we?

Yesterday daughter came home saying, ‘Amma, you know S? Her mum has 3 daughters and now she has one more baby in her tummy! How is she going to manage four children? Amma, if you had 4 children, would you have given 3 away for adoption and kept only me?

I was aghast! Clearly my daughter knows how inefficient I am! ‘No, darling, if I had 4 children, I would look after them, just as I look after you’.

Her: ‘ But then may be I would have to learn to cook and everything, because you wouldn’t have time to do everything’. What can I say, just goes to show that my inefficiency is very, very evident to my daughter 😦 Yesterday, we did miss the school bus, but in my defense, we got delayed because we were having a very interesting discussion on something. Maybe, husband does have a point about me talking too much. Sigh!

Talking of children and how having them affects things, Rahul Gandhi seems to have his priorities sorted. Such a patriotic man, he is giving up on having children just so that India gets rid of ‘high command’ politics! Now, that has to be called dedication! Can we think of any others with such lofty ideals? Oh wait! Maybe, that’s what Mayawati, Mamata and Modi have been doing too! See, we are so quick to condemn politicians, while all they’ve been doing is making such huge, huge sacrifices for the country. Forget having children, they even refuse to marry. Because of course, marriage is only for procreation! It’s just us ordinary mortals who believe in marriage being for other things like companionship and joys of having a soulmate.

I’m having a steady stream of visitors at my place – tenants viewing the house and removals surveyors. It feels like it is never ending. And sometimes when you cancel other stuff and wait for them, they don’t turn up. Argh! The whole process of packing up is scaring me. So much to do. So many things to get rid off, to give away, to pack away.. I hadn’t realized how many things have added up since we came here. Plus craft work! What do I do with all of daughter’s craft work. Too precious to throw away, nobody who would want to take it away.. and no way of taking it back with me. And too many things to take to my parent’s place already without adding these as well.

I’ve got to run now. Too many tasks staring at me while I type away at the laptop.

20 thoughts on “Because I have too much to say..

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or do #facepalm when I read about your daughter saying you’d give away 3 kids if you had 4 of them!! 😀 🙄

    I know! She is very clear about ‘keeping only her’ though 🙂

    P.S.: Just curious…although it’s none of my business to comment on this. Hasn’t her friend’s mother heard of family planning? 😐 😛

    I wonder! I also can’t help wondering if this is a quest for that elusive ‘boy child’, especially when you see the difference in ages. Maybe I’m assuming things, but I have a feeling about it..

    You missed the school bus because you were having an interesting discussion? With someone else? Or between mother and daughter? LOL! 😀 I used to miss the school bus all the time… but that was mostly because of my terrible time management skills. Over time, I have managed to make that better though.

    The two of us were discussing something and then realized that it was 8 and we were still at home!

  2. LOL at the adoption point, though I don’t think she implied your inefficiency in fact I felt she is very clear of the fact how much you love her, because the other three imaginative kids are being considered for adoption 🙂

    Yeah right 🙂

    And I already dislike S’s family. Because we all know where this is leading to…..wish for male child. I hate this, hate hate hate this. Nothing left to say. When will mind sets change?

    I’m assuming here, maybe they just fancied another child..

  3. hheheheh! Poohi is super cute eh? and super smart as well…

    I don’t know about that 🙂

    I dont think its got to with your efficiency, its more to do with imagining so many kids at one house thats all :):)

    Yeah right 🙂

    I wish I could offer help for the packing

    That is so sweet of you!

  4. Lolz.. I love the way she’s sure she’s staying.. the others seem disposable.. ha ha. My trustee maid disappeared some time back to have a fourth child.. obviously in the quest of a boy-child. What can one say to such families??? It’s just very sad.

    • Oh yes! The others are disposable 🙂 Just in case I had any doubts about it 🙂

      So sad, isn’t it? I mean how will all this help them in the long run..

  5. LOL. Love Poohi’s questions! She didn’t say you were inefficient, she only said you might need help with the household chores, no? 😉

    🙂 Yes, coz she sees how good I am at them 🙂

    On a serious note, I love the way the minds of children work. 🙂

    I know! All in a different direction!

    How cute – you missed the school bus because you were having an interesting conversation about something? 😀 😀 😀

    We are crazy, the two of us 🙂
    Do try to come home for lunch/dinner some day before you leave, okie?

    That is for sure. Will plan out something, maybe after Poohi’s exams?

  6. Kids these days think that they know us better than us!!! Yest Arnav wanted a video to be played on my Mobile so he went to his Granny who tried to start it once and then the bugger said “aape se nahin hoga, lao mumma se karata hoon”!!!

    ANd good luck for all the work that is staring hard at you!

  7. ooh! Poohi is so cute! LOL!!
    she has her priorities straightened out eh?!
    I see women with 4 kids and I think – how do they do it?! the cooking, the cleaning?!! *shudder*
    is it the quest for the elusive boy child? :roll

    And you missed the bus because you were discussing something?! LOL!! Were you discussing the whole baby thing and adoption?! 😉

    And less said is better about our politicians! 😐

    All the best for all the packing! I look around and yes, I can’t believe at all the stuff we have collected in just a yr and a half!! Sigh!

  8. Poohi is one sweetest girl I know…hugs to her .And on the way to 4th kid ,I think am fainting.Delivering one single gives me goosebums and doing it for 4 comments..u take care and all the best with the packing.

    And yes I will be happy to keep Poohi’s all craft work.

  9. 😆 at Poohi and her adoption plan. Btw in case you do have more daughters, you know who to send them to…don’t you? 🙂

    The moment I read the name Rahul…somehow I start getting a terrible itch… 😥

    You can’t even imagine the amount of work piling up on my side. These days, I just ignore it and play with the babies and laugh along with them…sigh!

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