42 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Activities

    • It was a major mess. All the books were in crazy order as well. Its finally all sorted, although how long it will stay like that is anyone’s guess:)

      All her books are not up there. She was still in the process of gathering all her books from all over the house:)

  1. aww is this her little heaven? I was obsessed with my book collection as a kid and used to arrange it and rearrange it all the time. I used to even catalog it 🙄

    I wish! I have to threaten her to get her to tidy it up! I should send her to you to teach her how to arrange and catalog it 🙂

    Too many mosquitoes in Bangalore? I see two mosquito repellents in the picture 😛

    Yes, smart me, I misplace one and buy another one, and then find the one I misplaced. Sigh! What can I say, my daughter takes after me 😦 But yes, Bangalore has loads of mosquitoes. I had hopes that they wouldn’t reach the eleventh floor, but clearly, I had no clue 🙂

    Btw that green and white bottle on the desk…what was it called? I remember getting a free sample of moisturizer, toner and conditioner and had loved it. Forgot the name of the brand…it is herbal right?

    You don’t miss anything, do you 🙂 It’s Biotique. I used to like it when I was here, but now, somehow it doesn’t seem to suit me 😦

  2. The room, the books, the dolls, and the little girl on the table are all lovely!
    Do the repellants work? They never did in BTM! 😦
    We used to use the coil !!

  3. The last picture I remember of Poohi was when she was as tall as she is now when sitting 😀

    🙂 She has grown tall in the last few months 🙂

    And such a lovely taste she has! Loved the bookshelf, also couldn’t help but notice how thin the books are. I must be old 😀

    🙂 I know! It breaks my heart when I have to shell out loads for such thin books 😦

  4. Hi Smitha, I think this my first visit to your site. I really like the decor.the wall colours, the curtains, and the furniture in the room all show artistic taste of the little one.God bless.the the child and her parents.

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