.. is what I feel after dropping off husband at the airport.

Six weeks of holiday feels too less. Holidays can never make up for being together, can it?

Six weeks of fun, travel and even fighting over silly, inane things…I’m going to miss it all. Just hoping that the next wait isn’t too much. After all the school session has just two months to go. Hopefully, by then things will be clearer.

At least I am going back home to daughter and my parents. My parents came over for a couple of days to help us tide over husband going back. For him, its far worse, going back to an empty house, to a cold country, still in the middle of winter. Alone. All I can do is send him loads of love and hope that this phase of living apart comes to an end. Soon.

22 thoughts on “Desolate..

  1. hugs dear.. i think i am going face this next week.. my hubby is coming for a week for BIL’s wedding… 8 months, hope Bunty recognizes him.. and doesnt cry after he leaves us.. 😦

  2. Tight hugs Smitha.. the ‘like’ was for the fact that this is going to end soon… hang in there.. enjoy the time with your parents.. now that is something that some of us don’t realise the value of 🙂

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