Of incomplete marathons..

Our apartment community had a midnight marathon on the Republic Day. I couldn’t participate, mainly because I had no fitness at all to even think of it. I consoled myself that I am at least participating in the blog marathon.

Well, I spoke or rather thought too soon. That day was the end of my blog marathon as well. Suddenly everything was just too overwhelming. Too much to do, even husband’s extended holiday did not seem enough.

On top of all that, my horrid migraines that had seemed to have gone away, came back with a vengeance. Every day, for the last one week. Looking into my phone and typing a post was not something I could even think about.

So I gave up. This must have been the worst marathon I did. All my apologies to my fellow marathon mates. Next time, I shall be better.

To add to all this, my laptop seems to have given up on me. We might have to buy a new one. Until I get hold of a laptop, old or new, I might just lie low here. One month of typing on the phone has been a bit much for me:) I will be reading you guys though, especially after Sunday, when husband goes back after his 6 week holiday. We’re going to miss him terribly, but can’t really complain, can we?Ā  A six week holiday is almost impossible, normally.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

28 thoughts on “Of incomplete marathons..

  1. Gah! thats totally fine rey…I am more worried about the health…cant you take medicines or something…is it something you are eating…or not eating or something..please take care okie?

    • I did start a traditional medicine routine, which was really effective. But had to stop it because of all this travelling. Hoping to restart it next week. Its just getting too bad these days.

  2. You managed those posts on phone?? *shat shat pranam*
    Seriously no kidding!!
    I had participated in a marathon last month and I need to write about it….wish I had more time in hands…..:(

    So have you guys frozen ur plan? Moving back? I think three more months for term end hai na?

  3. Hugs Smithu! Take good care šŸ™‚
    Am so glad u people got to have such lovely moments with N being here, esp. the Wayanad trip with the entire loving family around you šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to talking to you soon šŸ™‚
    And don’t worry. Take up the blogathon some other month and I will be with you šŸ˜› šŸ˜› #wonderifthebloggingfeverhasbittenmeagain

  4. I think you did great, despite so many issues along the way! Don’t you deserve some rest?! It must be pretty mentally exhausting, on top of that, migraines! Catch up with you later, okay?!!

  5. God you wrote posts on the phone? šŸ˜Æ Thank god i don’t have a phone smarter than me or I couldn’t justify why I never blog :mrgreen:

    Have you tried those Kotakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Concoctions for the migraines? I remember one of my Uncles having those awful migraines and he used to visit Kotakkal taking me along….and err I used to peep and sniff around those bubbling cauldrons šŸ™„

  6. I really cannot handle blog posts on phone. Simply not my cup of tea. Hope you get that new laptop soon!

    Wow, it’s already time for him to head back?? What’s the scene now? We need to catch on whatsapp!!

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