A Maverick Heart: Between love and life by Ravindra Shukla

A long due review. Loads of reasons why I haven’t been able to post. More on that coming in another post.

This is an author requested review.


Richita, Rahul and Neerav meet while doing their graduation at IIT Bombay. Rahul and Neerav were already friends, while a close frinedship springs up between Rahul and Richita. Both of them had similar ideas, and similar objectives in life. Towards the end of their days at IIT, Rahul and Richita had been clear that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

But fate had other plans. Things changed, circumstances changed. They realise that life has a way of changing everything in seconds. Everything Rahul and Richita had planned for meticulously meant nothing anymore. Mainly because society had a different standard of measuring things. Especially the standards of success. Soon the three friends go their separate ways. Each to try and make a life of their own, making the most of their circumstances.

As they enter the ‘real world’ both Richita and Rahul learn to live their lives, and Neerav pursues his dreams in America. So do the friends meet again? Does life give them another chance at happiness? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

The story is interesting, not the regular run-of-the-mill sorts, but has a direction and it makes you want to know how it all ends. The characters are well defined. Richita’s compulsions, Rahul’s motivation, and the way each character responds to the challenges life throws them, is well-thought out. There are a few stereotypes, but not so much that it puts one off.

All in all, an interesting read. And I think a book in which the author has touched on issues that matter to him as well.

7 thoughts on “A Maverick Heart: Between love and life by Ravindra Shukla

  1. I read a preview, didn’t find it too interesting… to me it seemed like another CB kind of book and that, along with the extremely colloquial language, put me off. However if you are saying it is good, then may be, just may be, it is worth an attempt to read!

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