Lessons for life

Coming home to my parents’ place is wonderful for all of us, but the person who thrives and absolutely loves it here is daughter.

She is at her happiest when she is here, and the one place where I don’t need to be around her all the time. The one place where she doesn’t care a bit about where I am. All she needs is her grandparents. She is my dad’s tail once she is here. Following him around the whole day. Today she went into the coffee plantation, picked veggies from my mum’s vegetable garden, learnt about coffee picking, and even helped my dad do some DIY cement work.

The part I love most is the fact that she gets to be close to nature in a way most of her contemporaries would not even be able to dream about. She gets to understand the joys of growing plants, picking home grown vegetabes and more importantly, gets to understand the delicate ecological balance that we live in. She gets to understand, first hand, how everything works in tandem.

The lessons she learns here, hopefully, will last her a lifetime.

At a time, where we spend most of our lives in concrete my jungles, I can’t but help be glad that there still exists a place, we can escape to. And a place where daughter learns so much, and has the time of her life, while doing so. Can’t ask for more, can I?

11 thoughts on “Lessons for life

  1. Sounds so wonderful! I am glad you guys are enjoying yourselves and getting a much-needed and well-deserved break. 🙂

    Grandparents have this tender way of teaching us lessons that stay with us for life, no? Time spent with grandparents usually lead to happy, lifetime memories. 🙂

  2. I think lessons learnt with grand parents always stay with us, till the last breath 🙂 Fortunate are those who get to be with their gradnparents, both sets, especially!!

    And I’m sure our children will cherish this special bond when they’ll grow up and look behind 🙂

    YAY to grandparents, YAY to spending time with them!

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