Of Plans, Weekends, and extended Holidays….

Till last evening, I was quite sad and down that it was time for husband’s holiday.

Notice the past tense? Well, he has extended hos holiday by 2 weeks! Yay! That was such a wonderful thing to happen! We can’t quite believe our luck that things fell into place so beautifully!

So to celebrate, we are off to Wayanad today. If there has been a constant theme to this year, I think it has to be travel. We’ve been travelling almost every weekend. And enjoying every bit of it. And enjoying the being at home and relaxing at home part, just as much too:)

So off we go, and wish you guys a wonderful weekend too

15 thoughts on “Of Plans, Weekends, and extended Holidays….

  1. You guys are travelling left right and centre!!
    Anyway you deserve it after all that long distance! 😀 Enjoy!

    P.S.: Don’t forget to post all the pics at the end of it! Don’t disappoint us!! 🙂

  2. You seem to be making the best use of whatever time your husband had here 🙂 enjoyyy!
    Im in awe how you are able to manage the posts depsite all the travelling and running around! Hats-off to you!

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