Things we find at airports…

Amongst other flying objects like airplanes, some others 🙂


I couldn’t take a proper picture, before someone walking by, scared them away. This has to be the first time, I’ve seen birds inside an airport. Wonder how they managed to get on in the first place.

16 thoughts on “Things we find at airports…

  1. Oh, there are loads of sparrows in the Bangalore airport. They’re not trapped, they just move around freely and are so used to passengers that they eat from tables with them. 🙂 I find that very sweet. I also remember reading an article on these sparrows in the Bangalore airport some time ago. Can’t seem to find the link now.

    Sighting sparrows has become such a rarity these days. It is always delightful to spot these pretty, tiny, chirpy creatures. 🙂 I got beside myself with glee when I spotted quite a few in Kashmir.

  2. In Trivandrum International airport they found a rat inside the snack bar. Running between the samosas and the food. No, I am not kidding.
    So be grateful you saw these only on the floor. 😛

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