As I mentioned earlier, we are soaking in the atmosphere in Bangalore. We are trying to make the most if it. What if we do have to go back? We would hate to go back feeling as if we left something incomplete…

There is a lake visible from our flat. We used to gaze out at the lake, its pristine, shimmering waters beckoning to us. From the first time we saw it, it always held a strange attraction for us. Ever since we moved here, I have been dying to walk by the lake, but somehow, it never happened, until today.

We set off at 6 in the evening. Walking the short distance to the lake. All I can say is that it was well worth it. The incredible feeling, as we get close to nature. Flocks of birds, the gentle, pleasant breeze, dedicated joggers and walkers, and the sound of crickets as night time fell. And we walked back home, promising ourselves more lakeside walks, and feeling immensely grateful that we have such a wonderful piece of nature right in the middle of what is fast becoming a concrete jungle.


25 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. actually nature is not too far from us… even in the city… like just the other day just about 8kms from my house we found flamingos ! sigh… I live next to the 7th largest river in India… infact by air.. its not more than 2 kms from my house… yet… I rarely go to sit at the banks of it now… as kids it was a great hangout !

  2. That’s a beautiful sight! 🙂
    You are so right – Bangalore is fast becoming a concrete jungle. In the midst of all that concrete, it is heartening to come across natural beauty like this. We have been busy trying to look for a flat for my parents – so coming up with newer and newer realisations about the property market in Bangalore every day. Not all are good. 😦

  3. You are lucky you stay in a place with nature close by. Seriously a lot of our cities are becoming concrete jungles, though I must say Bangalore is still greener than most.

  4. This has to be the Kaikondrahalli lake, even I had a picture, but from the opposite side..of the setting sun 🙂

    We came back after a walk around the beautiful lake today evening!! What a coincidence that I end up reading this post while blog hopping..wohoo 😀

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