To Celebrate a Gorgeous, Sunny Sunday Morning…

I take pictures of my favourite plants….


And just to add, sunny still translates to gorgeous for me šŸ™‚ I guess, summer will change all that, until then, I bask in lovely sunshine, enjoy the clear blue skies, and my flowering plants… and remember the days when December was cold, and frigid.

36 thoughts on “To Celebrate a Gorgeous, Sunny Sunday Morning…

  1. wow..lovely flowers..and don’t worry Smitha, the summer here is also not too hot, so should be liking the weather in summer too..currently the sun is my fav too šŸ™‚

    • šŸ™‚ That is what I’m counting on, Uma šŸ™‚ A nice mild summer šŸ™‚ Our apt is very airy, so hopefully it will be cool in summer too -fingers crossed.

    • I know! I love the clear blue skies too! We hardly get to see them back in the UK, do we? Esp not in winters šŸ™‚ Has it started snowing? Someone was in tears last night because it doesn’t snow in Bangalore.

      • ohhh nooooooooooo,, Well it has not snowed yet .. But it snowed a couple of weeks back when it suddenly became so cold …

        but they have been gritting the roads etc today since morning so its going ot be a cold cold evening and night ..
        I have my wollens out , but then I still have to wear extra clothing at night on the shift .. not very happy with the uniforms supplied but what to do ..

  2. What is the plant called Smitha?

    It is frosty here. The sky has cleared up so it is a mix of sunny and frosty. So I went bought a nice coat, scarves and hats, boots and gloves to bring in some excitement šŸ™‚

    • It’s just the good old bougainvillea. Potted ones, in my balcony.

      Coat, scarves,hats,boots! Now you make me miss the UK winters! I had brought some scarves over, but it’s too warm to wear it here so far šŸ˜¦

  3. Its raining here….Now i understood how you used to write about the sunshine in UK.I do get some sunshine in my balcony but is just before sunset.

    Beautiful colour….I love your plants smitha….happy gardening….

    • Me too šŸ™‚ Love them for the fact that they are no maintenance! I’m on the lookout for more colours. I’ve got a yellow and a white, but they aren’t half as vibrant as these.

    • I love that shade too – different, isn’t it? I see such wonderful shades of bouganvillea on hedges here, I can’t help wish I could just go and get a cutting off them!

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