Content scraping, Tests posts and Random Nothings

Yesterday, Shail alerted us to this site which seems to be pulling content from a lot of our blogs. Off the top of my head, Deeps‘, Obssessive Mom, Ani’s Nest, Adventures in Mommyland, Smita’s Books Life N More are listed out there. Please do go check to see if your blogs have turned up there! I think as we post, they pull it out and post it there. And from what I can see, older posts are not listed, so it’s worth it to try posting to check if your blog turns up there. My older post is no longer available there.

Initially when I checked mine, I could see my whole post there. Towards the end of the day, it was only the link to my post. So this is a test post to check what happens. And anybody who reads all this text on any site other than –, should know that the site has scraped my content.

If any of you know what can be done to counter content scraping of this level, please do let me know! Requests to the site admins seem to come to nothing.

In the random nothings part of the post, I ended up baking yesterday, finally 🙂 A chocolate-orange marble cake, but it is another story that nothing, in the cake baking process went as per schedule. My electronic scales stopped working – maybe the battery needs changing(I haven’t gotten down to doing that yet), I missed out some parts of the recipe, which saw me substituting cocoa for melted chocolate, forgot to add yogurt and added it in the end. And finally instead of grated orange rind, I popped in two tablespoons of marmalade. I was running out of time, so desperate measures had to be resorted to. To add to it all, it was slightly burnt, as I had to leave it in the oven and run to pick up daughter. Daughter loved it despite all that went wrong 🙂 So I take solace in the fact that she loved it – that’s all that matters 🙂 And maybe give it another try – properly 🙂

Again, please do go and check to see if you can find your post on And if any of you know what can be done to stop them from picking up our posts and reposting them on their site, do let us know.

Edited to add : I just checked My post is out there, but with no description. I have no idea how that changed, but I am really glad that the whole post is not visible there.

Deeps, Your reblog is visible too, but again with no description, unlike how it was yesterday.

Uma -I can see your post there as well! With no description. I can’t help wonder if they have finally changed settings?

43 thoughts on “Content scraping, Tests posts and Random Nothings

    • No no – this was just a cake I felt like baking. Lets all decide together what to bake 🙂

      It’s an aggregator site, RM, where so many of our posts are being pulled. Go check it out. I did not see yours there though – lucky you 🙂

  1. She loved the cake, no..thats what matters! I’m glad that you’re back to baking! Here looking forward to drooling at more of your baking delights 🙂


    • Just figured out that. How do we control that? I made no changes yet, suddenly my posts seem to be hidden.. Do you want to try saving the setting just one more time – as a test?

  2. The website you mentioned seems to be linking the posts to your sites. I just checked the last few pages and clicked randomly on blogs and it took me to the actual site.

    Looking forward to pics of the cake. Please!!!

    • Only for some of us, PB. Yesterday, my whole post opened up in their site. Today, it seems to be just a link, If you check Deeps’, older posts, you’ll see that it all opens up -which is totally not done. Check this out - The only post that does not come up is the one she reblogged from mine.

    • YeS, IHM, for now, it seems only the link is being shared for mine. For others it is the whole post.. We’ll have to keep checking and will have to try and figure out how to handle this..

  3. Hmmm my latest post is there with a link…..guess with 2-3 posts coming up here they have decided to remove the full article thing…I don’t really know what to do…u guys decided and let me know how to protest against them ok?

    Chalo good u at least baked…I too baked an upside down pineapple cake (eggless & with aata) and though the top didn’t look as good as I wud have wanted it but it tasted good (I didn’t taste it 😦 coz of my diet). And yes I am game for the baking challenge but I wud be doing it eggless, ok? Vaise am planning to bake oat & raisin cookies today, lets see whether I get time!

      • Smita, your full article is there when you click ‘read more’. Can you try changing your feed setting to ‘None’ or ‘Excerpt’ and see if it comes up? Mine was already set to excerpt, but the whole post still came up. Suddenly, it seems to have reversed, no idea how.

  4. Weird thing to happen. Somebody creating a whole website based on other’s blogs and that too without asking etc!
    Glad that you baked as the lil one liked it too! Happy baking some more goodies!! 🙂

  5. OMG I’m there. There’s a site ending in ‘.in’ rather than ‘.com’. Confusing, it sure is.
    You baked after a long time, isn’t it? Pictures, next time, please. I’m considering getting an OTG soon. I’m just not able to bake well in the microwave. Will bug you for recipes then.

  6. thx for alerting all of us Smitha though at this point am not sure what can be done.. I see the link to my latest post on the right side..
    good that you have got back to baking.. happy baking.. 🙂

  7. I have often seen pings on my blog from other sites. Visiting them, I would see part of my posts, with a link back to my blog. I never thought of doing anything about it. This is the first time I am hearing of entire posts from a number of blogs being copied on a site. I wonder what they achieve by doing that?

    The orange-chocolate cake sounds awesome! I would love to try it out. Recipe pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. And, yes, the major point is that Poohi loved it. 🙂 That’s what really matters, in spite of all the chaos that happened. 🙂

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