The Best and the Worst of two worlds..

Living away from a place, in a lot of ways, makes you a stranger, ill equipped to deal with simple things, sometimes..

– Talking about the weather doesn’t make a conversation starter. These days, if I start a conversation with the weather, more often than not, I am met with a blank stare. I’m sure the other person must be thinking I’m a little soft in the head. On the other hand, if you ask about their children – you can be rest assured that you might not need to contribute much for the rest of the conversation 🙂

– You feel decidedly unhappy when it rains, and people think you’re crazy. Yes, the sight of sun streaming in, still makes me happy 🙂 Years of yearning for the sun does that to you, I guess. Just this morning, I rearranged all my balconies such that my plants get the optimal level of sunlight. The only complaint I have is that at the moment, one of my balconies – the largest one, gets no sunlight at all. Can’t get everything, I guess.

– You almost buy clothes without trying them on, only to remember that I can’t just return them later. It sure helps in reducing random buying though. It works only for clothes – I wish it were more effective for food as well.

– Random people being rude to you, for no reason at all. While I do understand that it must have been the over all stress and chaos that makes them rude, it takes me back at first, because I start wondering, what I did to trigger it.

Of course, there are plenty of habits which I’ve acquired here, that is going to make my life tough if/when I do need to go back. I’m going to miss the delicious breakfasts I get to make -ready made dosa batter to the rescue. And of course the gorgeous weather will ensure that my batter will rise- when I end up buying a grinder. Being able to step out on a Sunday evening and not feeling desolate at the sight of closed shops, even if one had no plans of shopping.

But what I will miss the most is the ease of meeting family. I had family over last week, and it was such a wonderful time. Going out, meeting relatives, sitting around, chatting, gossiping, eating.. What fun it was! Of course, it helps when you have aunts and uncles who are closer to your age than your parents 🙂 How lucky would I be, if I could get all this in one place 🙂 Or at the very least, get to stay on here…

For now, husband is going to be here on holiday in December, tickets are booked, plans fixed and we can’t wait! We’re counting days now!

24 thoughts on “The Best and the Worst of two worlds..

  1. Wow, that’s good news! Hope you all have a wonderful time together, Smitha!

    We sure will 🙂

    About random people being rude to you, yes it is true, the average Indian on the road is pushy and abrupt and not terribly mindful of good manners and etiquette. Those of us who have lived here all our lives don’t even notice it because we are so used to it, but someone who has just come back from a place where people tend to be polite to a fault is very likely to be taken aback.

    True, I am sure in another few months, I wouldn’t even notice it 🙂

  2. Wow.. good news, finally. Hope you ring in the new year on a super happy note. As for people being rude.. you learn to get used to it!

  3. I like that your post ends on a happy note about the family and the time you’re able to spend with them here. Isn’t that wonderful? And how lovely that your husband will be joining in December. Awesome holiday time and all family together. Just perfect, isn’t it? 🙂 Happy for you, for now.

  4. Random people being rude to you, for no reason at all.
    My guess is that it is less about being rude, and more about being curt and no-frills. Just like any harried stressed out Indian would be at a public place (think auto driver, subziwallah etc.)
    You still haven’t come out of your P’s and Q’s … UK has a way to getting you soft and used to extra politeness 🙂

    But what I will miss the most is the ease of meeting family. I had family over last week, and it was such a wonderful time.
    I completely agree. That’s the single most thing I missed SO MUCH while in the UK. Social life in India and UK are SO different. In your case you atleast had your family with you. In my case I was single, and also a student, so that greatly narrowed my circle there, except for friends of course.

    Yay!! So hubby is here eh? Almost! So, did he get through that sabbatical you were telling me about?

  5. So agree with the first one… have experienced it so many times! People can talk non-stop about their kids!
    Glad that you will have a wonderful family time soon! Cheers 🙂

  6. You have started talking as if you are leaving in a couple of months. There is still time na? Enjoy the things that you can and miss them later 🙂 You never know what happens next!!! U never know u will stay back 🙂

  7. excellent newssssssssssssss… december is just round the corner , I bet the little one is excited over the prospect of meeting daddy sooooooonnnn .. 🙂

    dont worry about the random people being like that , Take me for example people who thought were friends are rude . I guess its my face 🙂

    so whats the plan I cant make up what you saying in the post now 🙂

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