A life lost in vain

News in general, seems quite sad, but some days, it is absolutely heart breaking. To read about Savita Halappanavar’s death just because doctors in Ireland refused to perform an abortion on a foetus which had already miscarried was just heart breaking.

The sad fact that the woman’s right to life was totally ignored in the belief that the foetus had a right to life. Never mind that she had already miscarried and that the baby had no chance of survival. Makes one wonder about the laws that totally ignore the mother and the conditions that surround the request for an abortion. Makes one wonder how anybody can consider such laws fair. Especially, since Irish women have been campaigning for years to get rid of the archaic laws that control their reproductive freedom. I remember a case of a young girl, who had been pregnant as a result of rape, and had been prevented from travelling to the United Kingdom for an abortion. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember that it had been a while ago. I remember wondering how cruel can the laws be that they were ready to force that girl(a young teenager, if I remember correctly) to go through a pregnancy, which she had been forced into. Today, its so much worse. A young woman had to die – for no reason at all. Can anything justify her death? A woman, who was neither Irish nor Catholic, became a victim of the laws of the religion and the country.

Just another proof, I suppose, of how religion and it’s interpretations can lead, to lives being taken, unnecessarily. All the more proof that personal choice needs to be above religious guidelines or dictats. It never fails to amaze me that pro-choice and abortions are still election issues and debated issues in countries like the US. Why is it such a difficult thing to let the people involved decide whether they want to terminate the pregnancy or not. Health issues or not, why should religion or laws decide whether someone should or not terminate a pregnancy.

All I can say, I guess, that hopefully her death would not in vain. Hopefully, an incident like this would shake up the Irish govt and people in other countries as well, who, in their pro-life propoganda, completely forget about the mothers they might end up killing. Hopefully, one day, women will be in control of their reproductive choices and their own lives.

23 thoughts on “A life lost in vain

  1. i read it too.. it feels really sad.. i know even i had raised voice against abortion, but in such cases it should be allowed.. i also thinking of savita’s husband, who lost both his child and wife.. hope there will be a positive improvement on such in-sensitive rules..

    • You know, personally, we should be free to believe and practice whatever we believe. The problem is when we try to control other people’s choices and life decisions. Anti-abortion laws do just that – they control millions of womens’ lives, and sometimes those laws can be the cause of death. Totally unnecessary loss of life, in my opinion.

      Her husband – well, what he must be going through, is something none of us can even begin to understand.. So so heart breaking.

  2. Yes, I too hope that this shakes the Irish government into taking a look at how they are preventing mothers and doctors from choosing life. She suffered before she died, how could the doctors watch her suffer when they could have prevented her suffering and death?
    This is so unbelievable – one would expect such a thing to happen in some remote part of India or in Yemen or Afghanistan, but in a hospital in the presence of doctors, in Europe?

    • It is unbelievable, isn’t it? It must take a real hard heart to watch another person suffer like this, and do nothing.

      I also find it unbelievable that religion still controls law so strongly in so many countries. While we are used to hearing about religious laws in the Middle East, Ireland, seems to have gone one step further. Let’s just hope things change, at least now.

  3. I read this in the newspaper, too, and am shocked to the core.

    All the more proof that personal choice needs to be above religious guidelines or dictats. – Couldn’t agree more! There is no point in following religious practices or guidelines if your heart is not in it. That totally beats the purpose, and becomes only a mindless following of customs.

    • Absolutely!

      ‘There is no point in following religious practices or guidelines if your heart is not in it.’ – Or if it could endanger your life. It is such a tragedy, isn’t it?

  4. No woman would use abortion as a method of contraception willingly. Nor would any woman get a diabolical pleasure out of doing it. There is always a reason behind it and we are nobody to judge if that reason is even justified because it is not our body that we are talking about. As long as the decision to abort is taken willingly by the mother, nobody should have a say in it.

    Couldn’t agree more, CR! ‘As long as the decision to abort is taken willingly by the mother, nobody should have a say in it.’ – Absolutely!

    This act by doctors in the name of region is no different to me than a brainwashed terrorist waiting for 72 virgins in heaven. It has shaken me so much! I shudder to think what they went through.

    I agree. Although I also read that doctors in Ireland are scared of losing their license if caught doing an abortion, which is considered illegal – not sure how true this is though..

  5. it was a total let down moment when I read the news… I am not able to get her face out of my mind.. Hope this incident serves as a trigger for a change for good in the Irish govt.. Shouldn’t people’s welfare be the government’s priority than quoting the so called religious beliefs.. High time to change the policies.. Hope some sensible one hears the cry of her family and many more unknown families that are affected by these superstitious beliefs..

  6. I was feeling shocked – and deeply saddened – on knowing this 😦 How much more twisted can laws get??
    And I thought India was the worst. I can see we have other countries waiting to take the cake! 😐

  7. This was absolutely outrageous!! I cannot understand this strange sentiment of people who insist that the foetus is a person but the mother is not?! Just another way of suppressing women! This is one of the reasons that the Republican party in the US lost, because no self-aware woman could ever think of voting for their misogynistic ideas!!

  8. This happened in Ireland. What stuck me when I read this was – are they saying that till date they hv no Irish lady who had to abort a child for medical reasons or did she die too?? Sounds unbelievable

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