Counting my blessings

As they say, the only thing that is constant in life is change.. I’ve come to realize that, that is certainly true. Another thing that has become a constant for me is missing people.

Wherever I am, I seem to find people to miss. Family and close friends who have come to mean a lot. Some over the years, some as soon as we meet them, and some with whom, the years that we have been apart doesn’t seem to matter. Childhood friends met up after years, friends who we lost touch with and then met, only to be able to chat away as if we had never been apart. It’s even better when your children take to each other like they’ve been friends forever. So what if they’ve never met before..

Coming to Bangalore, I had been all excited, all set to put down roots, to finally live in the place we always called home. Now, when it is coming to look all the more that we are most likely to move back, I can only say that the few months here have given me so much happiness. Catching up with old friends would top the list. Not to mention the new friends who have come to mean a lot to me. Friends who I realize now, who have become a part of my life. Going back would mean missing them as well, in addition to my parents and family.

Earlier it would have been just family and friends, today, some of those friends are also ‘blog friends’. There was a time I would say, ‘blog friends’, but today, all I say is friends. A caring message, a supportive email, a small gesture that shows you care, have come to mean so much to me. The only thing is that being in the virtual world, we would, hopefully still be part of each other’s lives. Whether we’ve met or not, doesn’t seem to make an iota of difference..

I realize that this post must make no real sense. I’m just rambling, just because I’ve been feeling bad about missing people..which as I said, seems to be a constant in my life. But then, I guess the silver lining is, that I have so many people I will miss. That itself is a blessing, isn’t it? Knowing that you have friends you care about and knowing that they care too. Can’t really ask for more, can I? Thank you for being there for me. Big massive hugs to all you guys, who’ve made me feel so blessed!

15 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. i know friends are there when ever we need them, we make new set with time and location na.. the best part would be meeting them back after a break.. i am sure even if we miss few of them, we always make more new ones..

  2. No real sense? Makes so much sense … loads of hugs πŸ™‚ I just wish u don’t have to leave and miss us all and that N comes here soon and u dnt hv to miss him too πŸ™‚

  3. aww Hugs Smiths, super tight Hugs!!! I’ve come to count my ‘blog’ friends as my friends only since sometime now and the very fact that no matter how man cities I move these friends will always remain the same in every which way cause we became friends at the blog which is a constant πŸ™‚

    Love you!

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