And then we met:)

You guys know how I had been complaining about not getting to meet any bloggers while living in the UK.

So far in the 4 years I’ve been blogging, I had met Deeps and Pallu(for like 5 mins). A couple of weeks back, RM was here, and I was seriously lucky to get to meet her(and a whole set of bloggers). 

TGND and I had been planning to meet up before I even left the UK. After coming here, nothing materialized. Initially, I was busy getting the house into a livable state, and then have been unwell..Last week, we had been chatting on the phone, when I asked TGND, if she wanted to meet, the only fly in the ointment being, I couldn’t travel, (thanks to the migraines I’ve been having). TGND and her OH would have to travel all the way from their place to meet us. It made me feel terribly guilty later when I realized just how far they traveled, and both of them being such lovely people, just played it down. So it was fixed, Saturday it was.

Friday, I had a terrible headache, and it made me wonder if I should cancel. Finally I decided to give myself until Saturday morning before canceling.

Thankfully, Saturday dawned, gorgeous and painfree. I was super happy. Especially as it turned out to be a packed day. I was scheduled to meet my aunt, and then rush home to get daughter ready for a birthday party. Yes, the birthday parties have already started for her.

I just had time to bake a cake, which was not the greatest:( and rush and get some samosas. And then rush back to pick up daughter. My friend, the birthday boy’s mum would not hear no for an answer, and pressed a loaded plate of goodies, which I polished, of course:)

And then we returned home to wait for TGND and her OH.

And then they came. Loaded with goodies, which we are still eating. And we talked. Rather I talked a lot. I’m reallt hoping I haven’r scared them away with all the chattering I did. TGND is just how I imagined her. Shy, sweet, and makes a lot of sense when she talks, unlike people like me who can go on and on spouting nonsense. OH was super patient when we went on about blogs and books and stuff. They are such a cute, well-matched couple! Touchwood!

What a fun evening that was! Hopefully, it was as much fun for TGND and OH too. I felt terrible that they had to go back all the way. It was terribly sweet of them to cone such a long way. They practically live on the other side of town.

Daughter just read through the evening. She was glad to get the time to read with Amma busy with her own friends.

On a side nite, RM, TGND found me different from what she expected from the blog, so you’re not the only one:)

PS: I’m not linking up any body because I’m typing all this on the phone. My laptop, after weeks of troubling me, has completely given up. So I’m totally dependant on the phone now. And my fingers are numb with all the typing:(

49 thoughts on “And then we met:)

  1. Super, Smits! You’re really making up for all that blogger meets you missed out while in UK by going on a spree of meets,arent you?? :). Can imagine how much fun it must be!

    On a serious note, though, Smits, please take care of your health and take it easy! Really worried for you. Tight hugs!

  2. hmm another blogger meet post that makes me go all green… I haven’t met anyone so far Smitha.. hopefully someday..
    gosh you typed all this from phone? unbelievable..

  3. We had a great evening too, Smitha! It didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time at all, honestly, as I was telling the OH. 🙂

    You definitely haven’t scared us away with your chattering. I hope we haven’t too, sounding like a terribly sensible, mature-sounding couple. 😀 We have our moments of childishness, too, you know?

    PS: The highlight of the visit for us was meeting Poohi. She is sooooo adorable and well-mannered. Touchwood.

  4. I am in India and have only met Vimmuuu & Kanagu from blogosphere so my dear fren u r lucky 😀

    🙂 Guess I am 🙂

    My excuse is I work on Saturdays and then with a baby & In lAws at home I don’t have time and though these aren’t mere excuses I feel I can surely try a little harder to meet ppl but I don’t 😀

    I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything if I were you – and pack in so much!

  5. In fact I was wondering why you aren’t linking up any of the bloggers! Found the explanation at the end 🙂

    We need to meet up soon too! Let me know if you have any plans to come this side…

  6. Another interesting bloggers meet 🙂 I haven’t met any bloggers so far and often wonder how it would be meeting people whom you know only through blogs 🙂

  7. How nice, Smitha! It’s always nice to meet the face behind the written words, right?
    Hope we meet again. I’ve been so off with reading other blogs..I’ve yet to catch up with the blogs of the gang I met for the first time when RM was here 😦

  8. fum,fun so much fun meeting blogger friends 🙂 and I read TGND’s account too and what a time you girls had!

    Indeed TGND is sweet, though we haven’t met but still there is a connection, all because of her sweetness 🙂

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