I miss..

.. loads of things, if I am honest. Nothing that I can’t manage without – but just some things which were different back in the UK. And some things which have more to with the phase of settling in that we are in, more than the place we are living in.

– I miss living in a house where there’s nothing that needs doing. I hate having people doing stuff in the house- and being trapped in here, until they are done. Waiting to reclaim my own house 🙂

– I miss the library! Being able to take 20 books, and never worrying about running out of books – what a pleasure that was!

– I miss my car. Miss being able to drive around, get out when it suited me. Hopefully that will be rectified soon. Fingers crossed.

– I miss the weather! Never thought I would – but I do. Especially when it just refuses to rain here! Who’d have thought that I would yearn for rain! Hitchy, your revenge is complete 🙂

– And most of all, I miss husband.

26 thoughts on “I miss..

    • Yup 🙂 As soon as I can step out of the house! There is still work happening, or not happening because people don’t turn up 🙂 So once it is all done- lets plan out something.

  1. Oh make a trip to Malnad region, interiors especially. It rained really well when we went there last week. Some still might be remaining for you 🙂 And yes, this too shall pass. Hang on 🙂

  2. Lady, am with you on all the points. But ýou do realise that u are staying in the city with the best weather in India 🙂 I think Bangalore just gets drier every year, even we in NCR haven’t had rain as usual this monsoon season.

    Absolutely! I can only be thankful for that! It rained last night -and it was just gorgeous!

    Hope car, house get sorted soon! Books – that’s another matter 🙂 Have you tried easylib? They won’t lend you 20 books though 🙂

    Nope – have a just books membership though, plus the apartment has a library too.. So its not too bad, actually.

  3. I too miss the UK weather when I am in India (hushhh don’t let UK know about it)


    I love the unpredictability here, somehow keeps you on your toes. There cannot be a day that you are adequately dressed. There comes at least an hour everyday when you feel cold or hot or ‘muggy’. In a weird way, I enjoy it. Especially bitching about it!

    I know! Especially bitching about it 🙂 Weather is such a great conversation make back there, isn’t it 🙂 And for good reason too 🙂

    I also miss the open space in Mumbai. How is it at your end? Do you have open spaces near you?
    Open space – I had much more open space in Leeds – but its not too bad. We are in an apartment, which has a decent amount of open space. Plus we live on a high floor, so it feels good to be able to see far, far away 🙂

  4. Ah! Expected this!! I am sure these are teething troubles which will go away sooner or later, so smile thru them 🙂 When is your hubby planning to joim u guys?

  5. Awwww. When is N coming here?

    No idea as of now 😦 Hopefully he will be here on holiday in case it takes longer than we expected for him to be back.

    Hugs Smithu .. I missed Bengaluru so much when we first landed here. I do even now, just the way I miss Hyderabad when I am there 😛 😛

    I know! That always happens, doesn’t it?

    • Yes it did! I guess the rain god read my blog/heard me moan 🙂 It was gorgeous – heavy, heavy rain! and thunder-storm! I never thought I would welcome rain like this 🙂 I would have got soaked to enjoy it even more, had I not been battling a flu 😦

  6. Thought you would miss much more but then the traffic in UK is as worse as in Banglore I guess.. we visited Blore this time and came back with not so happy memories.. it has changed a lot.. it has become a city full of congestion, dirt and confusion. Blore has lost it’s charm but for you it is the city that you grew up and hence special.

  7. Awww hope things are fine soon! 🙂

    When is your hubby getting here?

    I hope your complaints about it not raining in Bangalore have been resolved. It has been pouring today! 🙂 And the weather, as usual, is beautiful!

    I have heard a lot of good things about the libraries and bookstores in UK and USA. It would have been great if you could have done a photo post about each literary place that you liked back in UK. Would have loved to read them.

    PS: What are you reading now?

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