All the ease that I had so far..

Came to an abrupt end. I’ve had the misfortune to get an idiot of a mason who despite all the detailed instructions I gave him, he still managed to mess up something really badly! Things which I told him were disregarded, completely. So much so that now I worry if I will have to get the whole work redone from scratch.

Guess things were going way too smoothly to be true. Time for me to face the real world, I suppose. Sigh!

22 thoughts on “Frustration!

  1. oooops… sorry to hear that.. you neeed a constant eye on them .. and I will say if you think it shud be redone .. DO so.. dont take shortcut as they are worse.. I did that when i was in india and now i have to go and redo it ..

    and dont worrry it will be fine …

    How are you and the little one ..

    and i am firsttttttttttttttt

    • We are both fine. I gave him a royal piece of my mind:) it was extremely therapeutic, I have to say. And yes, I do keep an eye on the job, nd yet it happened:(

  2. That’s terrible.
    But unfortunately it happens quite a lot. 😐 Same with the case for my folks who were building a house in Kerala. They had to travel there each time to check that its happening properly. Or else either the work is stalled or it is done inefficiently.

    I can so imagine that! It was supposed to take 1 day, it took 4 days, and yet there are things to complete, so I can only imagine how it must have been to construct a house!

    I agree with Bikram. Might as well as get it done well, once and for all, than to suffer the consequences of jugad.


  3. Hugss Smithu! At the end, am sure we will realize that it all happened for good, though we don’t know what it is right now. 🙂 Take care and I am really wanting to visit your place as soon as I can.

  4. Yea people do that here. Again, welcome to India. not that you didn’t know of this before. 🙂
    They tend to completely ignore your instructions and construct something which suits their fancy. You have to be ultra vigilant and keep a watch all the time. I just framed a rhetorical statement 😀 Ok I didn’t wanted this to be funny, but this kind of reminded me of the time when we were getting our house constructed. At that time it was a pain in the rear but now it seems funny 🙂

  5. Happens quite often here. It’s pretty hard to get something done the way you want. Someone is bound to misunderstand, forget or simply choose to ignore your instructions. Hang in there! It’ll all come together in the end. 🙂

  6. Oh O! Hope you have scope to re-do it? Don’t worry it will go well and look good at the end of it, I’m sure with your creativity you’ll make it better 🙂

    • Its been sorted out – finally 🙂 Still some work to be done, but it’s close to what I wanted in the first place – Thank god 🙂 My creativity? More likely my persistence to get them to deliver 🙂

  7. hmmm.. i almost face it often dear.. in spite of so many details given, things mess up.. u need to be there checking his work once in a while.. no amount of shouting helps, trust me.. :(..
    hope the damage is rectifiable.. take care.. 🙂

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