Swear words and bad bad songs

During daughter’s last week in school in Leeds, she came home and said, ‘Amma, you need to tell me what swear words are’.

Me: ‘Swear words are bad words, that we should not use.’

Daughter: ‘I know that! I want to know some swear words so that I can recognize them when some one uses them’.

Me: ‘But for that I will have to tell you the words, that means, I will have to say bad words, isn’t it? That won’t be right, will it?’

Daughter: ‘Hmmm. You know, there is a song which has swear words’.

Me, Flabbergasted,’ Which one, and how do you know!’

Daughter: J(a British Asian Classmate of hers), was humming- Sheela Sheela Shaani, and A( another British Asian classmate of hers) told me that that song is a bad, bad song, and has loads of swear words’!

Apparently J goes to Bollywood dance lessons and learnt the song from there.

On a different note, Daughter is happy in her new school – so far, fingers-crossed. The only thing that puzzles her a bit is the fact that all the children have ‘strange names’ 🙂

10 thoughts on “Swear words and bad bad songs

  1. LOL @ Sheela sheela shaani

    Gosh, reading this made me realise, for the umpteenth time, how difficult a task parenting is!

    Glad to know that your daughter is settling down and that she is happy with her new school. 🙂

  2. Oh u did well Smithu and she is so nice too … did not continue from there 🙂
    Gr8 to know she is liking the school! May be u can do a post on the strange names 😛 That sounds funnily cute 🙂

  3. You did handle it well but is it going to stop there? Poohi is logical in asking that she wants to know some swear words else how would she recognize them? I don’t know how to deal with such queries…

    I guess when I’m this boat I’ll be calling frantically for help from you and other mommy bloggers,sigh!!!

    I’m glad Poohi darling is liking her school 🙂 YAY to that!

  4. LOL!!! you have handled it so well!! 🙂
    She is bound to come back and ask you some more questions though!! 😛 😉
    And glad to know she is enjoying her new school and doing well! 🙂

  5. WOW, I loved that logic of yours of the bad words…I am sure book marking this post for that..

    LOL on Sheela :):)

    Glad she is liking the school rey 🙂

  6. hmmm.. i too used the same logiv as poohi to my husband.. i was begging him to teach me few, so that i can recognize … poor hubby didnt know how to handle, finally has to teach me few.. i should tell him how u handled poohi.. :).. so that he learns.. :)..

    good that she is liking the school.. then she would really find all surnames of ppl more strange.. 🙂

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