Hello from Bangalore

I don’t know where to start this post from.

All I can really say is that it seems amazing that the place I called home last week, is no longer home. Our flat is slowly becoming the home we dreamt about. The address that pops out naturally has become the one here. I do not really miss anything from Leeds , well, the empty roads, sometimes, I guess 🙂 but that’s about it. And husband. It would have been great if he could have moved with us – but hopefully he will be here soon.

What have we been upto? Shopping from morn to evening. Shopping for the flat, not us, but still, shopping is always fun 🙂 Infact, I find shopping for the flat even more fun that clothes or shoe shopping. The only thing better is shopping for books -which we certainly had to do. We can’t cross Landmark without leaving our mark there, can we? We end our days with aching feet and eyes that shut the moment we hit the bed.

Daughter, I have to say, has been a star! She is out the whole day with me, and is pretty much content to tag along and help me with stuff, be it trying out sofas for comfort or selecting bed linen. When she gets bored, she finds a chair and reads the books we bring along with us. Sometimes, I have had to bribe her with a new book – but I really can’t complain.

Hopefully, we will be moving in to our home soon – fingers crossed, and will be calling all you guys I am yet to call. Just waiting to get the really urgent stuff out of the way. I’ve not started blog hopping yet- hopefully soon!


37 thoughts on “Hello from Bangalore

  1. Oh so the Blog Deva and Devi’s were actually listening to my prayers??? 🙄 I have been begging them to grant you internet access ASAP. It’s not the same here without your posts you know 🙂

    Ohh I envy you for getting to shop for the home. I love doing that and as of now I don’t even have the energy to shop for diapers 😥

    All the best in setting up the home and make sure you set up the computer corner first so that you can blog often like before.

    Ps: I have to bribe the boy with a book every single time I have to shop and he keeps the condition that I can shop in a place where he can find a cozy spot to sit 😯 😡

    • Loved seeing u here Soli 🙂

      Smitha, was waiting to read ur from blr post :)/// Hope you are also enjoying the good weather there..

  2. Yes, to everything Sols:) Moved for good, and I do plan to go back to work. Although I will have to wait until Poohi settles in school properly. Assuming of course that I get a job after my long break.

  3. I was so happy to receive your call the other day and save your India number 🙂 YAY yo are finally here 🙂 Happy happy happy!

    Poohi is a start for sure…such a lovely girl!

  4. Welcome Smitha! You need to mail me your address please! (No, I’m not going to show up on your door asking for cake! Erm.. not yet 😛 )

    Long-due ummas to my Poohi! She’s a darling to have helped you, she’s earned the books I say!

    Hope the husband joins you soon, and all my wishes for a successful job hunt.

    Don’t forget to mail your address! hugs!!!!

  5. Welcome Smiths and wishing you speedy settlement in Bangalore.Enjoy the awesome bangalore weather…

    And hugs to poohi,such a darling she is….Hope she settles soon in her new school….

  6. SO with u there Smithu! Shopping for home rules over clothes and shoes for me too! I hv been upto a lot of online shopping thanks to the knee in the last 1 month 😛

    Btw, my Blr trip this week is nt happening. I fell down again and hurt the same knee today and unfortunately, its a bad ligament tear this time 😦

    But hoping to meet u soooon! I so wish it happens atleast in August!:)

  7. Awesome!! Welcome to namma-uru :mrgreen:

    U haven’t moved in to your home yet? Then where are you staying right now while shopping for all the stuff for your home?

    Have fun getting settled in …. 🙂

  8. welcome back… yes shopping for house is great experience.. good that you are doing by ur self and not depending on interior designers. :).. have a nice time..

  9. Welcome home Smitha 🙂 Shopping for home eh? Sounds awesome. And I always love shopping for interiors, though I mostly window shop because we stay at a small rented place. Do post your new done up home pics. And probably we can meet too. Happy happy. Much love to the very helpful Poohi.

  10. Nice Smitha, you are on your way to settling down! We too need to make a decision on getting back and I will be happy not to live my life in a transient manner – agonizing if I need new curtains or will my sun-bleached do for now, or do I need a hand mixer and a proper blender both? And these are just the small, inconsequential ones!!!

  11. All the very best. Settling down in a new place is a task of its own.
    And it’s very sweet of your daughter to be helping her mom with all this!! Kudos to the little one.

  12. Ah welcome back to India 🙂
    House decoration & shopping must be fun.
    And I am so glad to know that Poohie is adjusting well goes on to prove how easy going a child she is 🙂
    Waiting to read more updates 🙂

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