Just because..


How do we get rid of grocery at the last minute? We bake, we make all sorts of exotic things.. yes, can’t blame you guys if you think, I’ve lost my marbles.

Anybody joining me for some cornbread?


21 thoughts on “Just because..

  1. My my, look at those lovely looking breads. I can almost smell them from saat samundar paar 🙂 I hope your baking spree continues even here 😀

  2. Wow, that looks amazing. Of course, would love to have some too. 🙂

    You are so much like me in this respect. I make all kinds of exotic dishes in the middle of packing and all when are going to be out on a holiday – just to finish off the groceries. 🙂 No, you haven’t lost your marbles. 😀

  3. Seriously?? That’s definitely a first! Call friends and give them the grocery has been my way so far!
    Increasing more work in the midst of all you already have to do… wow`

  4. Just read abt ur relocation Smitha………..
    Good Luck with it and wishing U the very BEST!!!!!!

    p.s: The cornbread looks absolutely yummy:-)).

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