I can never be happy..

I certainly come to conclude.

Until yesterday I was worrying about selling my car in time. When the car for sold off, here I am, feeling a little sad, a little desolate that my trusty companion has found a new home. A trader bought it, so I do hope that the next owner loves her just as much as I did. We realized that it was one of our oldest big possessions in this country, having used it for five years. Now every time we turn into the driveway, the empty space makes me a little sad. Although we are really glad that it went so soon. I had left it too late, and was worried that the two weeks that we had here might not be enough. Thankfully it all turned out fine.

Our packers came in today. All that had to be sent off had been packed off. All that is left is to pack the rest of our belongings, get rid off everything else- which by the way, is turning out tougher than everything else. We have just too much stuff. Plus all the boxes we had saved from our previous moves, now need to be discarded. The next few days will go off throwing away stuff and if I am unlucky enough to not get hold of a cleaner, cleaning as well. Fingers crossed:)

The most exciting thing is the countdown to landing in India. Can’t wait! I’m so excited I’m already researching everything possible, from home decor to cars:)


23 thoughts on “I can never be happy..

  1. BLASPHEMY !!!! How can you conclude taht… We all jointly concluded you are happy mom !!!! 😀

    and infact your post in the conclusion only reeks of happiness and excitement ! 😀

  2. Errrr…but but..you are such a happy person..anyone who reads, reviews, bakes, has a super daughter who read Enid Blyton at 6..boss…you are a very very lucky..now smile and be happy..come fast to India..you have a bunch of bloggers waiting to meet you

  3. One who get time to read so much can never be unhappy…we all know u r such a happy person 🙂
    Welcome in advance to India..wish to meet you soon here 🙂

  4. One of those several moments in life – can totally relate 🙂

    Happy Moving! Life is great when there are things to anticipate – like home decor to cars 🙂

  5. Good luck with the move Smits! I am so excited for you! Heres to a smooth transition 🙂

    I was planning to call you but as luck would have it I have lost my voice..not even a croak coming out of me! Aargh cant tell you how miserable it feels to talk in forced whispers :D. I have my fingers crossed that we get to talk before you leave, else upon reaching Delhi 🙂

    You take care
    Loads of love & hugs to you & Kunju 🙂

  6. it will all be fine.. I did ask you if you need help shout up and also if you want to get rid of few things or want them given to some chairty etc .. then do give me a shout .. I can help in disposing them off to a good house .. especially the young indians who have come over to pastures greener without a thought and now find themselves homeless or living in a room without stuff …

    just a thought

  7. I so know that feeling. You want everything to get disposed of quickly so that you can get on with the packing and moving – and then when your most precious possessions are disposed of, you feel sad. I know how that feels. 🙂

    And we all know you are otherwise a very happy woman. 😀

  8. You know what strikes me the most here? Your excitement to be in India and it is distinctly visible because I have seen people whining when moving back to India 🙂
    guess us Capri’s are happy people 😉

    Hope everything turns out well for you and the move is smoothest possible 🙂 and though I am in different city, in case u need any kind of help feel free to contact me 🙂

    • That is probably because we decided to cone back, instead of being forced to come back, as is in the case of some..

      Thanks so much for the offer, Smita:)

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