Invasion of technology in our lives..

..daughter sings,’ 1 2 3 4 5, once I caught a fish online

When virtual has become more real…. … She was about to go to a birthday party at bowling place, and she explains to her dad,’its a real bowling place, not the bowling you do on your phone’. Husband has a bowling game on his phone.

..when in doubt, you can always google, says the 6-year-old.

..that black book that is not a book, what is it that Daddy reads? A Kindle! I should just be grateful that she is more excited at the sight of her real books.

.. Can you just pause the TV while I go and get something. Husband records loads of programmes. Watching him pausing whatever he watches, she has developed a fascination for it. One day I mentioned that when I was her age, we did not have TV, and she was stunned – she couldn’t imagine a time before TV.

In fact when I look back, I find that quite amazing as well. So many gadgets that I can’t live without today, was nowhere in the scene just a few years ago. I did not have a mobile phone until a few years after I started working. There was a time we used pagers at work. And today, if I leave my phone at home accidently, I actually feel uncomfortable. So much so that one of my to-do things is to ask my cousin to get me a sim card so that I can have a working phone as soon as I land in India.

People talk about feeling liberated without their phones ringing.. but for me, I find being connected comforting. Knowing that if any of my loved ones need me, I am just a phone call away. For that, I shall forever be grateful for the invasion of technology in our lives..

24 thoughts on “Invasion of technology in our lives..

  1. I and I guess I speak for most that we all love to be surrounded by such gadgets tht make life simpler…

    I agree!

    and yet I must say this for myself that I do love going away from all these gadgets at times… being somewhere where there are no batteries and no games and no sms or no calls but just you and your friends trekking !!! I kinda like those times when everyone is not in their phones and actually reveling in the company !

    I wish I could be like this! ‘I kinda like those times when everyone is not in their phones and actually reveling in the company ! ‘ – This I agree!

    Even my son everyday morning will get up and ask me to load the points table of the IPL and also check what the scorecard of the match the previous night was ! :-/ and even asks me if any animated movie has been released on friday ! they will be extra savvy by the time they grow up I guess !

    He is such a sweetheart! He takes after his father!

  2. and btw guess who is first ?! 😛 😛

    calls for a line form the Ghost who eats….

    Waise to hum first hai…. but otherwise….

    Hum jaha khade hote hai….
    Line wahi se shuru hoti hai !!!!!!!! 😛 😛


  3. me second!! 😀
    and yea, technology can be a boon and a bane! I can’t even imagine living without my laptop or other gadgets!! 😀

  4. surprisingly Smitha, I have forgotten my phone like a 100 times at home, and as long as RD calls up Amma and tells her not to call me, I dont worry too much about it..but again, no one calls me 😦 so I guess, it doesnt matter to me much

    While technology has DEFINITELY made life easier, the key is to use them in moderation 🙂 Thats a whole post isnt it

    • You know, everytime I leave my phone, I worry that daughters school might need to contact me.. and might not get me. I’m less worried when the three of us are together..

  5. Phone and laptop – two things that hv become an integral part of me too. I do wish to stay away from mails and calls at times, but somehow can never stick to it when I decide to 😛 But ya, I do agree with you – it’s really comforting to be available on phone whenever our folks need us 🙂

  6. Recently, I had a no laptop internet week off.. deliberately left them in the room and went for a vacation.. One week is good, and loved the pleasures of the remote, the television and the radio.. a life without fb, or checking emails… there are times, I feel I should just shut down my FB account, but then there is no contact with the world outside the immediate circle of phone calls and face-to face chat 🙂 Life! I love it, I hate it.. but it is more of love…

    • I’m fine to be out of touch with FB and mails. Only phone connectivity is really important for me. I do go missing from Fb for days together, just because I don’t feel like logging in:)

  7. very true.. for me my mobile phone is like my sixth finger.. i almost feel like i am not wearing a dress if i dont have my phone with me. it is the only way i can be in touch with my family and colleges all the time.. i start my day with mobile alarm and sleep with a reminder set on my phone.. i dont think i can get away this addiction. 😛

  8. Rise in new technology is a doubt edged sword. You can keep in touch with ppl in different countries, but you have lost the time to talk to your own neighbour. It’s ironical.

    • I think that is more to do with time. Here I do speak to my neighbours, say hello to the people we meet on our way to school – probably because I am not rushing around. If I were working, I would more than likely to be driving, with no time for such pleasantries..

  9. It is simply how you take it. I have often realised that we feel that we are too dependent on Tech but when left mobileless we realise it isn’t that necessary or rather we can live without it 😉

  10. I agree to all of that Smitha. no doubt the invasion at times makes you go “tsk tsk. look at what all real experiences you are missing” but I cannot imagine a day without my phone coz’ I feel like I am not connected.The connection gives me a sense of security.
    But yes, games ion ipad vs. hopscotch – no war there.

  11. Same here Smitha, I too am very uneasy when I am without phone esp. when kids are at school. Otherwise I am happy to be without TV/internet/phone for a while:) My daughter though cannot fathom that TV did not exist when we were children. What did u do then, she asks me?!!!

  12. google must be the word most used by Adi.. anything and everything if we can’t answer her next target is google.. we have become “google parents” is the least to say 🙂
    Its an ongoing topic for discussion – is technology a gift or curse?
    M says my phone is my right hand and I can’t live without it which is true to some extent 🙂

  13. Lol at “once I caught a fish online!” I’m actually okay without my phone…I’ve forgotten it at home a few times. There was only one time when I was worried when my stupid smartphone died on me (As it did every time) and I was at a training course and I was almost running out of petrol and had no idea of petrol stations nearby and was worried I wouldn’t make it to the one I know and wouldn’t have a phone to call roadside assistance! 😛 One technological thing I couldn’t do without is my laptop though. I think that’s my way to connect! 🙂 With the mobile, I know that people who are close to me still have my work number if needed or my landline.

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