41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 32

  1. no clue what that is !? wonder how a blog that is named any excuse to write finds an excuse to write nothing and have us watchers curious !

  2. Hi
    I tried your paneer pinwheels recipe and they were a hit. I’m planning to try and convert it into a sweet version and see how they fare. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’m sad that you will be leaving the country soon. I also tried the cookies and cream cheesecake but was disappointed with the layer of the cheese cake in comparison with the cookie base. Did you face the same problem? Please share. Thank you. (I’m off now to look for the solar lanterns! :))

    • I’m so delighted you liked the pinwheels! I tried it with atta – parantha atta and it came out quite well too. Not as flaky, but crsipy and still very tasty 🙂 Will post the recipe soon.

      You didn’t like the layer – was the biscuit layer too thick for your liking?

      Check out the solar lghts here – http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/sol/global_search/global_result.jsp?bmForm=global_search&GLOBAL_DATA._search_term1=solar+lights&GLOBAL_DATA._searchType=0&bmUID=1337192120500
      Loads of pretty stuff. I couldn’t find some of them in the store near me though.

    • You know, for the sweet version, you could try Maple-pecan wheels. Brush with maple syrup, add crushed/chopped pecans, roll and bake:) The thought makes me drool!

      • Yes, that was my thought. Try with honey (a la baklava) or use golden syrup/maple syrup and add chopped nuts (my choice being pistachios or almonds). Even pecan sounds good (drooling all over the keyboard now!). I will wait for the recipe with atta, would be interesting to give it a go.
        I liked the cheesecake but I found the biscuit layer thicker than the cheese-mix layer unlike usual cheese cakes. My question is did you have an almost 1:1 ratio of biscuit to cheesecake layer or was there a difference (in comparison to a usual cheese cake)? I did try doubling the cheese-mix ingredients but didnt account for time and so some of it was not cooked in the middle. Tried it with a friend and so she wondered if this was supposed to be that way (almost 1:1 ratio of the layers). Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

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