My Most Beautiful Thing

Well, not a thing, but a person, daughter.

It is not very often that I take part in contests or events in the blog world, mainly because I find it difficult to write on demand, but when I saw this event – My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash, to be held on the 24th of April, it felt right – just apt to do a post on someone who means everything in the world to me. Especially as she came into my arms, six years ago, on the 24th of April.

I still remember my first sight of her. That squealing baby, is now my six year old, who thinks she knows the answer to everything. I can’t even playfully ask her, ‘where did my little baby go, when did she become so big?’ she has the answer, ‘Amma, you were a tiny baby once too, look how giant you are now!’. Well, at least someone thinks I am not a midget!

Looking back, I can’t even imagine a time without her in our lives. Her infectious laughter, her optimism, her bubbly excitement, her nonstop chatter, and her ability to find ways to entertain herself. It would do me a world of good, to take a few a pages out of her book.

I’ve not written letters to my daughter on the blog, but here’s what I would want to tell her.

My darling girl, you brighten up my(and your Dad’s) days in more ways than you know.

You  are a truly morning person, who wakes up with a smile, and wakes up with one blink of your eyes. Those eyes, which once once open, don’t close. Of course, I am delighted about it now, but a few years back, all I wished was for you to go back to sleep so that I could catch a few extra winks. Now, of course, you entertain yourself with a book, much to our delight(and relief, if I am honest).

You’ve made me proud in so many ways, with your impeccable behaviour(well, most of the time), with your consideration for others, and your sense of fairness. You strive to be fair to even those who might not have been exactly fair to you. You even try to hide your disappointment when your parents give you a dictionary as a birthday present, and actually tried to use it immediately. Of course, it made your delight at your actual present(a set of your favourite book series even more interesting to watch). Every time I have a parents consultation with your teacher, I come back with a huge, huge smile The one time, Daddy managed to get time off to attend, he came away teary-eyed with happiness too. Both of us wish we could record the meetings and show them to you when you are older.

My precious blessing, I can’t describe how much pleasure it gives me when you come running out of school, hurl yourself into my arms, give me a massive hug, and then go on to tell me about your day. Some days, of course, are extra special, because you’ve discovered that wobbly tooth, you’ve been waiting for, for ages. It is another story that I feel queasy when I see you wobbling that tooth.

You can’t sit still, not even while reading, you change positions, even almost turn upside down, engrossed in your books, lost to the world. I can’t tell you what makes me happier, seeing you reading like there is no tomorrow, or looking up from the book, and telling, ‘I feel like there’s a thunderstorm around me, because I’ve been reading about it in the book’! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve discovered the magical world of reading. May you always enjoy reading the way you do now.

You’re six years old, a big girl, according to you. It’s been six years since you came into our lives, and nothing has been the same since.You’ve changed me, the way I do things, the way I look at things. Makes me so proud to be your mother. Here’s wishing you a lovely birthday, doing what you wanted to do (play Monopoly the whole evening after school, you are easy to please, I have to give you that :). Hopefully, we will be the kind of parents you would be proud of, as well. Hopefully, we will bring you up with the kind of support, and love you that need.

May you stay blessed and the cheerful, sunny person that you are. May you continue to find joy in the smallest of things. May you be reach for the stars and beyond, and may you be happy in whatever you do.

With all the love in the world,


My most beautiful thing…

This is my contribution to the My Most Beautiful Thing event, inspired by Fiona Robyn’s Book –My Most Beautiful Thing. Fiona has made the book free on Kindle and PCs for today and tomorrow. I’m off to read it, what about you?

69 thoughts on “My Most Beautiful Thing

  1. Aww.. this is so touching!! I am still single, so I am not relate to your writing as much a mother could. But nonetheless, it is still heart-warming! 🙂

    Love the picture! 🙂

  2. Awwww that’s such a beautiful letter. Loved reading it, Smitha! 🙂 With the kind of thought that you put into parenting, I am sure Poohi will be happy and proud of you as a mom too.

    That pic is absolutely adorable. 🙂

  3. You wont believe this Smits…but I was kind of expecting this post from you when I saw this contest doing the rounds y’day! This couldnt have come on a better date, could it? 🙂 Will be back to read the post in full. For now hugs hugs hugs to you and Kunju! May God bless her today and always :). Have a fabulous day ahead, Kunjumani 🙂

  4. Know what I couldnt step away from the page..had to read this post! And I am welling up after reading this! Aww, smits you and N are truly truly blessed to have her in your life.

    I know – we are truly blessed!

    “Hopefully, we will be the kind of parents you would be proud of, as well. Hopefully, we will bring you up with the kind of support, and love you that need.”- You already are, sweetie! You are bringing her up extremely well 🙂 Hugs!

    Hopefully, Deeps 🙂 We only try our best.

    “May you stay blessed and the cheerful, sunny person that you are. May you continue to find joy in the smallest of things. May you be reach for the stars and beyond, and may you be happy in whatever you do” Amen to all of that 🙂
    Thanks Deeps -with all the blessings coming her way- she should be fine:).

  5. This got me teary eyed too! Just beautiful. And warming the cockles of the heart. Birthday wishes to her (Kunju? 😀 Read Deeps’ comment! I call my first born that too 🙂 )! God Bless you all!

    • Thank you so much, Usha!

      Yes, we call her Kunju/Kunjumani at home 🙂 My mother christened her that, and it stuck 🙂 You call your first born that too 🙂

  6. Beautiful, beautiful post! Ahh to be blessed thus. 🙂 What a coincidence that it is your daughter’s b’day as well! Many many happy returns to the little one. This is one special post indeed.,

  7. Awwww… daughter’s are born to make their parents shed happy tears.. I can totally relate to your feelings.. Happy Happy birthday Poohi.. May you be blessed with the best-est in everything all your life.. Have a fantastic day sweetie..

    Passed on all your wishes, Ani 🙂
    dictionary to a 6 yr old as bday gift? are you kidding me? too much yaar.. Now go, play Monopoly with her all evening and be at her service..

    Well, I wanted to see her reaction 🙂 Anyway, dictionary is better than no present, no 🙂

    A big hug to the birthday girl and momma..
    Thanks and hugs back to you and Adi!

  8. Awww I luv her too! And so wish I get to meet her before she grows up some more. All these babies are growing up way too fast!

    Of course you will! We’ll meet you very very soon!

    Happy birthday sweetheart and hugs Smithu 🙂 Such a lovely post this one is 🙂
    Thanks Swaram! Hugs!

  9. And this post has been the most beautiful thing I have come across today 🙂
    Aw! Thanks CR!

    Happy birthday darling! Mmuah. Have lots and lots of fun and wishing you loads of new friends this year.
    Passed on your wishes, CR 🙂 Someone will need it, when we move back to India 🙂

    Smitha, what did you bake for the ocassion?
    I baked that cheesecake again – because that is what she wanted 🙂

  10. beautiful ! 🙂 I can so sense your happiness 🙂
    The post drips with sweetness and joy Happy Mom 😀
    Oh dear! I’ve become a sweet mommy now 😦

    You know what Hriday has quit reading.. he doesnt hold a book… all he wants is a ball and someone to play with him… no matter how much I try to get him to read he is like… clearing the wall and banging with the ball practicising his bowling… maybe I should actually forget about the books and actually be happy about the fact that he is falling for cricket so much… instead of trying to balance him with books an all else ? eh ?

    ‘maybe I should actually forget about the books and actually be happy about the fact that he is falling for cricket so much’ – Absolutely! Let him do what he truly enjoys! I am sure he will be much happier that way 🙂

  11. Very beautiful, smitha…Your love is shining through in every word, and I’m sure she will make you proud (she already is, isn’t she?!)

  12. This really touched me from deep within. So beautiful. I hope the little darling stays blessed. Actually, I know she will. Sending lots of heartfelt good wishes her way.

  13. What a lovely heartfelt post Smitha! Being a mom changes everything, everything! I can so relate to this post, especially because Saumya has been reading like a riot and I cannot even come close to describe the moments when I see her laughing while she is reading, it just tickles me to see that the words are doing this to her, she is becoming capable of amusing herself, reading has been my joy but the vicarious pleasure I get from Suamya’s reading just surpasses that!
    Many Many birthday wishes to Poohi, she is a special girl by virtue of having a mom like you.
    I wish you all the lovely times with her and may you three make beautiful memories while she grows up. God bless!

  14. O Smitha! Loved loved loved this letter, beautifully composed words straight from the heart!

    I feel so happy whenever I read about Poohi’s interest in reading. Lotttsa love to her and belated birthday wishes. Hope to meet you all in person once you are back to Bangalore. 🙂

  15. I will not say anything about your post coz you know I am biased to you no matter what you write 😉

    But i can’t stop looking at the Miss Little Perfect with her cute pout….sigh!! guess these kinds of baby photos are responsible for some of us going and getting more babies 🙄

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