25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 28 – Dinosaurs

  1. OH MY GOD! so many dinosaurs..looks like one of the those dino books I got for R :):)

    The last time I saw so many was in Calcutta 🙂

    Loved the pics…

    • Yes, they are straight out of the books – Poohi could identify all of them from what she had read. She was a little worried about going too close- they were animated ones – robotic, and some spat water, moved etc. They even had a robotic model that the children could control – so that they could understand how the robots worked. It was brilliant 🙂

    • So now you have to make a trip here 🙂 I am sure he will love it! And you should also take him to the Natural History Museum in London – it is just wonderful! We had been there many times when we lived in London, and now plan to take daughter there sometime.

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