Baking Experiment – Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

At the end of some days, you feel totally satisfied. Happy. Today is one such day. A day when I am entirely exhausted, but which was also amazingly productive. Productive, as in, I managed to pack in quite a bit.

We had planned a play date with one of daughter’s friends’ from school. Yesterday, we discussed and decided to meet at our place for lunch, let the children play for a bit, and then go to watch ‘Mirror Mirror’. I had another friend coming over in the evening after we got back as well. So I decided to bake a cheesecake – which has been on my  ‘to-do’ list for ages. I try to bake only when I have company, can’t really afford to eat it all up by myself, can I?

I had come across this Cookies and Cream Cheesecake on one of my food blog hops. Food bloggers, I tell you – they single-handedly contribute to more that 75% of my weight gain. How on earth can one resist trying out the delicious things they put up? Even worse when the recipes seem so easy and oh so delicious! I’ve loved cheesecakes, for like forever! And this recipe seemed made for me!  Ever since I had seen the recipe, I have, been dreaming about it. I had even picked up a massive pack of Oreos from Costco. It was a cake waiting to be made. What better time that when you have guinea pigs over 🙂

And here is how it turned out!

Not the greatest looker, but I only have myself to blame for it. Not the kind of picture that any self-respecting food blogger would showcase -but then, I am no food blogger, am I? Just a blogger who also likes to write about food 🙂

I tried to follow the recipe perfectly, but got distracted somewhere and ended up with an extra 1 oz of cream. The cream I used was reduced fat single cream, and I think, the batter was too runny. Then I ended up whipping it a bit too much resulting in bubbles. I did not cop on to the fact the bubbles need to burst, by tapping the pan, or physically bursting it with a pin – until it was already in the oven. So the surface was not as smooth and lovely as I would have liked.

To add to it all, I took the cake out of the oven, instead of letting it cool slowly in the oven – I realized too late that would make it crack – a small crack, but a crack never-the-less.

That was about the looks, now for the taste – it was perfect! We all loved it, and as proof of the pudding, all I have left is one tiny wedge which I saved for husband to taste. I did not even get to take more pictures of the sliced cake. I suspect he would love it too -just his taste in cheesecakes. The perfect combination of crust and cream – yum!

Next time, I plan to follow the instructions better, hopefully.  I have to make it again very soon. Daughter wants me to make it for her birthday, which is just around the corner. She couldn’t have enough of it!

So do you have a cheesecake story? Any tips for me? Anything else to make it even better?

39 thoughts on “Baking Experiment – Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

  1. You know what, when I scrolled down and saw the pic, my heart actually beat in my throat 🙂
    That has never happened before! 🙂
    And to say that I just had a fulfilling dinner and badam burfi. 😀
    Its official – you rock!

    • Badam burfi!! I can drool at that too 🙂

      Check out the original recipe -the pics are so so so so so very gorgeous! Mine looks like a poor and shabby relation 🙂

  2. you mean can mix cake and cheese!! how come I havent heard of this earlier? *Goes off to get RD to drool over the picture and give me some cheese cake from somewhere*

  3. I adore cheesecakes…(off to try that recipe now) 🙂 Yours looks perfect and obviously it tasted perfect too…YUM!

  4. Have never tried a cheescake but yes I am like you, I do not follow the reciepes to the T and end up hurrying the process, I know am bad that ways. But last time I baked a cake I decided to solely concentrate there only and didn’t hurry up at all. The end result was satisfying to say the least.
    I guess it is a capri trait to be oversmart and trying to do things in a hurry 😉
    But I must say the cake looks beautiful, of course I can not see the cracks that u r talking about but as I have said pehle bhi I know what you are talking about. It isn’t perfect if it isn’t perfect for me 🙂

  5. Not the greatest looker?? Huh?! Excuse me. That cake looks stunning. I am drooling all over the place now. 😐

    It did not turn out as beautiful as I had wanted it to.

    I am gonna try out this cake too. 🙂

    You should! It is delicious!

    LOL @ saving a slice for the husband. I so totally understand. Same story here.

    I hope it stays though – he will be back only tomorrow evening 🙂

  6. Awww a cheesecake with a twist. wow. Looks absolutely stunning. Wish I had a convection oven. I only have microwave and I know there s no way to bake a cheesecake in it 😦
    I’ll probably make do with store bought. Now I have to hunt for cheesecakes in Blr. Anyone has some good suggestions?

  7. Cheese cakes always remind me of Rachel and Chandler 😀

    I’m drooling Smitha. Got to try this soon. But getting cream cheese would be a task in itself. Else will try to replace with hung curd. I had made a Mango cheese cake some time back with hung curd.

    • I know! That episode made me drool! I had to go and buy some cheesecake from a bakery, but that did not match up to my imagination of what of Rachel and Chandler’s cake must have tasted like:)

      This one was amazing taste wise:) I want bake another one right away, but hips will never forgive me:)

  8. Wow… I wish I could bake. This looks/sounds yum… and the oreo.. how can you say it’s doesn’t look good enough?

  9. Great cheesecake. I’ve been drooling since I saw the picture and recipe. Waiting impatiently for the next trip to costco to get some oreos.

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