Random thoughts while packing.

… for a weekend away in the UK.

You are never sure of the weather so you end up packing,

– sun screen and swim wear. Just in case the weather god takes pity on you and grants you good weather. This, by the way, never, ever happens to us. With our luck, the sunscreen comes back – untouched, most of the time 🙂

– you throw in warm layers, because you never know, in this country!

– you dare not forget that water proof jacket, because you can rest assured that the one time you forget, you can guarantee bad weather.

And you will always have pictures on the beach, wearing multiple layers, with winter hats and boots to boot. That is a different kind of fun too, you know, after all how many people in those warm, sunny countries would have done that?

– The car is full of all sorts of emergency clothing, which we might have thrown in at the last minute, but comes to our rescue when adverse weather hits us.

And finally after all that preparation, some people like us, land in a totally different place for our holiday. That is soon to come in another post 🙂

17 thoughts on “Random thoughts while packing.

    • Totally totally unpredictable 🙂 A couple of weeks back, it felt like summer had come early. Last week, we had snow, rains, and total winter weather. Sigh! Just what we need on a Bank Holiday weekend 🙂

  1. the weather is almost the same at this part of the world too.. cheating us every now and then and I am already getting tired of it :(.. hope you had a great outing.. waiting for the next post..

    • Oh it is not the greatest experience 😦 Even worse when you are next to the sea, and can’t even dip your toe into the water – tragedy, I tell you 😦

    • That unpredictable 🙂 Today was supposed to be heavy rains in the morning, and we woke up to glorious sunshine – right after the long weekend is over 🙂

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