Lazy People do more work..

..and I have certainly realized the truth in this saying.

I had been tagged a while ago by the lovely Usha. But I put it off. Before I knew it, Kanagu and Zradar had tagged me too. Now, instead of doing 1 tag of 11 questions, I have to do 33! Can’t blame anyone but myself, can I?

1. In one word, what have you gained, in life, that you hold most precious? (there, that rules out “weight” :P :P )


2. In three words, a pet peeve?

People littering places 😦

3. A word you think you use a lot, unconsciously :D ?

Oh dear! That is a tough one – I will have to ask husband 🙂

4. What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it?

Read, read, and read some more 🙂

5. What do you think others think of you?

I really couldn’t answer that, you know 🙂 I am sure different people will have different views of me 🙂

6. Who would you say made you who you are today (other than your parents, if that is what you would answer :) )

Husband and daughter and friends…

7. What gives you joy?

Reading in peace 🙂 Playing the fool with daughter 🙂

Dissecting a debate on NDTV with husband, sometimes irritating him because he never gets to hear half of what is being said 🙂

Chatting away with my parents, before my father asks me to stop wasting money 🙂

Talking to daughter’s teacher and getting to know what a star she is – my eyes fill up, and I get so choked with emotions..
9. If you could go back to one moment in your past, which moment would it be?

The moment daughter was born.

10. Do you believe in alternate lifetimes? If so, what is the you there doing now? (It’s actually one question, with two parts :D )

Nope – I am very satisfied with my life as of now 🙂 Can ask for nothing more(or less)

11. What makes you you?

Me? Just being me 🙂

Now for the Kanagu’s

1. Name your favorite fictional character and why?

Now this is tough – because my favourites keep changing.. I don’t think I have a real favourite, to be honest..  I do like strong women characters.. I like Ken Follet’s women protagonists, especially in his historical fiction – they are all so strong minded, independent, for the age in which they are portrayed.

2. What you like to do more in your free time?

Read 🙂

3.Please tell us the most funniest prank you are involved in?

Long back, about a year or so after I started working, we got access to Yahoo Messenger at work(at a client site). Our own office had very strict rules. We had email, but could only email our colleagues – most of them sat next to us, so you can that email made no difference to us 😦 So it was a huge deal when we got access to YM. One of my colleagues decided to play a prank on another colleague. So he created a fake id, in the name of a girl, pinged this other colleague, who delighted, over the moon, that a girl pinged him, started chatting 🙂 To cut a long story short, it went on for a bit, and we had the best time 🙂 Such mean friends we were 🙂

4. What makes you happy?

Already mentioned in the first set of questions.

5.Any regrets in life?

No, not really.

6. If you can chose an alter-ego, who or what it will be?

Can’t think of any. Guess I am really happy being myself 🙂

7.Do you have any interest in politics? If yes, what you feel about UP election results?

Absolutely! I have a lot of interest in politics. UP elections, I think were the result of people voting for the alternative – even if they weren’t the greatest alternative. I think we have got used to the fact that no matter which party comes into power, the effect is pretty much the same. I do think that SP did promise things which were more relevant to the people at that point in time. I wonder if all states would go the Kerala way – where they interchange the ruling party at every election. That, in the long run, might mean that the parties try harder to   take up issues that actually matter to the people.. We’ll have to wait and watch, I guess..

8. Name the place which you visited last? Whats the special about that place?

The last place we went as tourists was Greece, and we loved it! What is special? Have written all about it here 🙂

9. What you like about you most?

I like the fact that I adjust to living in different places quite quickly. I don’t yearn for what I don’t have, or what I used to have… I like to live for today, in that sense, and it has helped me a lot over the years.

10. Name 5 things which you feel is most important in life. 

Family, hobbies, money, a positive attitude, good food 🙂

11. Name a childhood favorite serial other than animation one.

Kachchi Dhoop

Now for Zradar’s set of questions. Why, why, why did I not do this tag when I first got tagged?

1. Do you think there is a woman behind every man?

Sure. Most of us(men and women) will have a partner, a parent or a sibling who would have played an important part in making us what we are. In that sense – yes, of course.

2) Do you believe in God and why?

Now this is a tricky one.. I am not really sure what to believe. I do believe that the concept of making people ‘God-fearing’ is a mad made thing, to control others. If there is a God, up there, I am sure she would be a fair minded God, who would have discriminatory ideas for her people.

3) Why do you think you blog?

Because I enjoy it.

4) What is the bestest memory with your lover/spouse?

Loads 🙂 And too private to share 🙂

5) Which is that one place in the world you wouldnt dare to travel to and why?

Saudi Arabia – I am not to sure I would be comfortable in a strictly segregated society.

6) Do you like the US. Why?

I did enjoy the time I spent there. The US is great for shopping, though. And it has some wonderful natural attractions that needs to be seen. If I were to live abroad, however, I would prefer to live in the UK – for a lot reasons.

7) Are you smart enough to escape from any situation? Describe.

Escape? I think I would prefer to use the word – ‘face’ any situation. Escape comes across as ‘running away’, in my opinion.

8) Which is the one circumstance you could not have survived without the support of your parents?

After daughter was born, I developed mastitis – it got out of control, and at that time, I would not have been able to manage without my parents.

9) Staying with In-laws is……

.. not easy, if it is for ever. If it were short visits – it is quite pleasant. Living with any  other adult – apart from your spouse, is a difficult situation, even if they are your own parents. Mainly because we all have our own personalities, and expectations. Managing all that is no cakewalk.

10) What change does parenthood bring into your life?

I think it changed the way I look at things. It brought me a different perspective to life. I took decisions which I would have never taken if I had not been a parent.

Are you able to remember your grocery shopping list by heart without making the list?

If only!

And I’m done And I am not tagging anybody else. Too lazy, you see 🙂 Anyway, most of you have already been tagged – see how kind I am to you guys? If any of you would fancy doing it – please do, and do let me know, I would love to read it.

19 thoughts on “Lazy People do more work..

  1. I don’t even try to remember grocery list!! why waste brain cells?? after all we need to use paper and pen or else we may forget how to write 😉

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