The Legacy of Sacrifice

Yesterday, being International Women’s day, my FB timeline was flooded with all sorts of women glorifying sentiments. The usual, you know.

The one that got my goat was one of the comments,’we are expected to be super woman 🙂 and still smilingly accept all our responsibilities without a fuss 🙂 .’

Why is that a good thing? I wouldn’t celebrate that! If we are expected to be super women, then something is just not right, Why can’t we just be women? Women, who are human, women who are accepted for what they are, rather than what they will ‘smilingly accept’. People who have the courage of their conviction to stand up against the wrongs meted out to them, people who do not have to ‘smilingly accept’ whatever is thrown at them. It makes me even sadder that some of the people who speak like this are mothers to little girls themselves. Is this how we want our little girls raised?

When I read such stuff, I can only hope that we leave a better legacy for our children. A legacy of fairness. A legacy of acceptance of a woman as she is. Not as a goddess, not a super woman, not that super motherly creature which only exists in some people’s dreams. or the delicate woman who needs to be protected, or a woman who has to give up her aspirations because of her ‘responsibilities’…

A legacy where both men and women are capable fulfilling their responsibilities, where responsibilities are not just the responsibility of a woman.

Where the culture is not upheld by just women, where a woman are not glorified in theory and treated like dirt in reality.

A time when my daughter will be able to see a Women’s day, without the cringe-worthy platitudes that flood us but makes no difference to the way women are treated.

A time when the legacy of sacrifice is not what we bequeath to our daughters.

That would be a Happy Women’s Day.

18 thoughts on “The Legacy of Sacrifice

  1. I m sure she will live in a better world, Things are changing and parents are getting more aware ..

    people who write such things etc are again as far as I know those who have no inkling what is going on in the world , As I have mentioned in lots of blogs,, Why women’s day need to be on ONE Day .. that leaves 364 days for men .. shud it not be each day of equality ..

    I genuinely feel these day’s are celebrated so in some metro city some lovely ladies can go out on a day show off their stuff or the latest things they have bought or have .. and then come home ..

    I will treat a person as I treat them each day NOT special on One day and otherwise the rest of the year … does not work for me …

    Hopefully that day will come soon … Heres wishing you a happy women’s day today and every day of the year toooooo

    • The reason why we need that one day is because that day of true equality has not reached. It is beyond treating some one well for one day – it is about the issues that women face even today.

  2. Just looking at woman as another human being would solve many problems… Even today morning I had a heated debate with someone on this topic.. hopefully our daughters would see a better world..

  3. Ah yes…the just adapt with a smile. Don’t complain. Don’t whinge. It really sucks that all of it still exists. My only hope is that young girls rebel. My mum has generally been the adapting and sacrificing type particularly to her in-laws…and through that, I learnt I shouldn’t be that way. And even though it means copping brickbats from relatives, so be it. Maybe with more girls being rebellious, things will eventually change Smitha. Great post…

    • I totally agree. I wish more girls learnt from their parents experiences like you, rather than just accepting it as their lot… One day… hopefully one day…

  4. ah yes.. I totally loved your post!!
    I hate messages like – “A woman is the epitome of tenderness, care, and wisdom”
    another F&*&ed up message that I saw – “When does ladies think they are women?… On women’s day… As they wear sari only on that… 🙂 Good and bad… : p 🙂 Anyway, happy women’s day… ” WTF?!!! Bad English and a stupid message!!

    I loved your post Smita! 🙂

  5. Loved what you said.. people write all that stuff but continue to treat women badly.. so true. I see even well educated in my own circle turn into these sacrificing goddesses. Gosh it’s really so unecessary.

  6. Beautifully written Smitha, and I completely agree with you. It’s time the world got realistic about what women can and cannot do.

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